Drew University Students Accepted to Med, Dental, Vet Schools at Incredible Rate

After graduating from Drew as a math and computer science double major, Hunt enrolled in a doctoral program in statistics at the University of Michigan. He earned his MA and PhD and joined the Department of Mathematics at William & Mary where he has been an assistant professor for the last four years.

He tries to pay forward the engaged mentorship he received at Drew.

“As a faculty member, I try to provide the next generation of students with the kind of supportive teaching and mentoring that has shaped the teacher and researcher I am today,” he said. “I believe that taking an active interest in students and their goals is a centrally important role faculty can play in the development of students as researchers, professionals, and future leaders.”

Hunt pointed to multiple Drew faculty members as being prime examples he has tried to emulate.

“Sarah Abramowitz, [John H. Evans Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science], convinced me to be a mathematics major and introduced me to the world of statistics. She also introduced me to Jon Kettenring, [RISE fellow], who very directly is responsible for where I am today and for what kind of statistician I am.”

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