Drew Day of Scholars

Annual celebration of student achievement

April 2020 – Drew University’s annual Day of Scholars event went virtual in 2020.

During a two-hour interactive event live-streamed on YouTube, 15 Drew students delivered 5-minute research presentations, musical performances and poetry readings before answering viewer questions.

The virtual atmosphere was filled with positive feedback and insightful questions in the live chat, as well as a few impromptu moments of levity.

When answering a technical question about her flute following a performance of Mozart’s “Concerto in G Major,” Cristabella Fortna C’23 was happy to expose her inner “nerd.”

“Day of Scholars is all about celebrating our inner nerd,” assured Debra Liebowitz, Provost & Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, who moderated the virtual event.

Check out the full virtual event below, watch the 29 individually-recorded presentations, performances and readings from 44 participating students and check out the Senior Art Show.

Watch the Recap of the Live Event


Check out the Senior Art Show on Instagram

Angel Doughert Elizabeth Schafer Hai Anh Phan Jessica Corujo Vanessa Crespi Kirstin Waldmann Kiyah Colson Kristina Olsen Lydia SegalMaría José Navas Espinal Méa Rose St Amour Sami Strathern Shirley Zheng Weronika Teresa Klisiewicz Yue Wang

Full List of Presenters & Materials

*Students in YouTube video above


Andrew Dugan, Outbreak // Pilgrimage // Default

*Bianelly Tellez, “Summers with Grandma” Poetry Reading

Cam Orefice, Much More from The Fantasticks

*Cristabella Fortna, Mozart’s Concerto in G Major, I. Allegro Maestoso

Dillan Comtois, Arabeske in C major, Op. 18 by Robert Schumann

Drew Theatre and Dance DepartmentOut of the Box Presentation 4/15/20

Drew Theatre and Dance DepartmentOut of the Box Presentation 4/22/20

Drew Theatre and Dance DepartmentOut of the Box Presentation 4/24/20

Elizabeth Mencke, creative writing fiction story read-aloud

Emma Rucci, Romance by Claude Debussy

*Pippa Gerber-Stroh, Flowers from the musical Hadestown

Social Sciences and Humanities Research

*Annabel Winchell, A Subject of Much Deliberation: Adressing the Statue at the American Museum of Natural History

Christy Fleshman, Mindfulness as a tool for reducing emotional burnout in the workplace

Kassel Franco Garibay, Andrew Dugan, Greg Bsales, Juliet Lavigne, Elizabeth Schafer, The Drew Acorn Archives *

*Katelynn Fleming, Disappeared Identity: Psychological Consequences of the Appropriation of Children during Argentina’s Dirty War

Kayla Ogden, Childhood Bipolar Disorder, Identity Formulation, Stigma & Labeling Theory

*Kelly Hartwick, Analyzing Christianity and Social Justice through Christian Social Movements

Lena Hadler, What are the effects of turnover of team performance? – “It’s management stupid!”

Ludovica Gioacchini, Bridging Italy’s regional gap: An assessment of the factors affecting the Italian institutional quality

Vincent Costa, “Here We Have a Special Way of Waging War”: British Military Adaptions to Warfare in North America, 1775-1783. *

Virginia Hand, The Importance of Playing Nice: Incivility in Modern American Politics

Virginia Leach, Exclusion of the Included: An Analysis of Racialized Microaggressions at Predominately White Institutions

Scientific Research

Brady Thexton, Surviving or thriving: carbon trade-offs between growth, defense, and sexual reproduction in Rubus allegheniensis and R. phoenicolasius in Northern New Jersey, US

Ghaith Abdallah, Mike Steves, Identifying the Mechanism by Which 2’3’ Cyclic Guanine Monophosphate- Adenosine Monophosphate is cleaved in the presence of Metal Ion Co- Factors

*Jesse Murray, Gaze sequences reveal how people gradually arrive at a solution to a word puzzle (anagram)

Kaitang Hu, Make the FDA happy: using MS and NMR to determine the organic structure of a Drug molecule

Katelynn Fleming, Molecular Dynamics with NMR

Kirstin Waldmann, Kiyah Colson, Reanimating Experimental Psychology

*Maimouna Kante, Lisa Jordan, Rainfall, Conflict, and Food Insecurity in Post-Succession Sudan and South Sudan (2013-2016) Makayla Pardo, Rahman Sayed, Sam Coverdale, Manar Ahmad, Untitled Biology Research

*Makayla Pardo, Rahman Sayed, Sam Coverdale, Manar Ahmad, Reactivation of mutant P53 by small molecules for potential cancer therapy

*Mason Scher, Richard S. Barclay, Allison A. Baczynski, J. Patrick Megonigal, Jonathan P. Wilson, Scott L. Wing, Testing a Paleo-CO2 Proxy Using Ginkgo

Vanessa Raab, DNA Sequencing of the Ribosomal Protein Gene, RPSL, in Strains of Kibdelosporangium SP that Produce Increased Levels of Medically Important Antibiotic, Kibdelomycin

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