Drew University Transfer Melinna Sanchez C’24 Wanted a Strong Public Health Program on a Small Campus

“There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus and be fully engaged in all that Drew has to offer.”

May 2022 – Spending her first semester of college studying and learning virtually from home made Melinna Sanchez C’24 think differently about what she wanted from a college experience.

She started looking closer to home and checked out Drew University, which fit exactly what she was looking for.

“The public health program and the smaller campus were my defining reasons,” said Sanchez, a public health major.

“Smaller campuses were always more attractive to me. I liked knowing my professors would know who I was, and that I would be able to recognize my peers both inside and outside of the classroom!”

After a year at Drew, Sanchez can definitively say she made the right choice.

“Drew has been fabulous! I couldn’t ask for an easier transfer process,” she said.

“I have never felt out of place or nervous around my professors and peers. As a commuter student, it is incredibly low stress. There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus and be fully engaged in all that Drew has to offer. For me, just being able to recognize other students in my class and them recognizing me back is fantastic!”

Sanchez intends to pursue a masters in public health after earning her bachelors, and feels Drew has provided her with a road map toward achieving her goal.

“All my professors are incredibly knowledgeable. I have left this semester feeling like all materials resonated with me and can be applied to my career.”

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