Caroline Mull C’22, G’23 on Drew University’s Master of Science in Data Analytics

The history major sought a math-based graduate program to round out her skills and knowledge

June 2022 – Caroline Mull C’22, G’23 enrolled in Drew University’s Dual-Degree in Data Analytics because she knows that together, history and numbers makes sense. 

As a history major, Mull realized the importance of statistics, even for those working in the historical field. “The amount of historical data available to researchers is limitless and museums are full of information; there is so much to be learned from the data held within them,” she said.

We sat down with Mull to learn more about her experience as a Drew undergraduate and now as she strives to obtain her Master of Science in Data Analytics.

Talk to us about your undergraduate experience at Drew.
As an undergraduate, my experience at Drew was both formative and eventful, but wonderful nonetheless. During my first year and well into my second year, I managed to make many friends and explore my interests on campus, eventually deciding to keep my interdisciplinary interests which has proven to be immensely valuable. While the pandemic made it difficult to connect with people in person, academically it gave me more time to explore different subject areas.   

Why did you choose the Masters in Data Analytics program?
Many types of math have always been fun for me, it also gave me a grounding point in a sea of writing and humanities courses that can become subjective and difficult to wrap my brain around. But two plus two equals four and there is a level of comfort that I derive from knowing something concretely. Since my first semester, I’ve taken some sort of math or computer science oriented class in addition to my humanities curriculum. 

During the pandemic is when my interest in the data analytics program really took off. I had the pleasure of taking two graduate level courses online. After talking with some of the professors and other students in my classes, I decided to continue on with the program as I kept seeing avenues where I could apply what I was learning to problems within the humanities field. My experiences thus far have made me feel like the possibilities are limitless.

What are your post graduation plans and path goals?
I’m not quite sure yet what I will do after graduation. I’ve been considering two options. Perhaps I’ll find a job in my field that would utilize all of my skill sets—maybe in a museum, library, or archive—in visitors services, within a registrar’s office, in collections management, or in developing digital programs. The second option that I am considering is obtaining a Masters in Library and Information Sciences. However, I might wait and gain some work experience before pursuing this option.  


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