Drew University Students Accepted to Med, Dental, Vet Schools at Incredible Rate

First-time applicants far outpaced national averages in acceptance rates in 2022 admissions cycle

September 2022 – Drew University continues to set students up for success as they apply to medical, dental, and veterinary schools.

All Drew graduates from 2018 to 2022 who applied to medical school for the first time during the 2022 admissions cycle were accepted into at least one program. The 100 percent success rate is particularly impressive considering the national averages of first-time applicants getting into at least one program decreased from 41 percent last year to 36 percent this year.

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Michael Steves C'22, a biology major at Drew, is attending LECOM Bradenton.

The nine recent Drew grads chose to enroll at Hackensack Meridian, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) Bradenton, Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, Rutgers NJ Medical School, and Temple.

The incredible acceptance rate builds on last year’s success, when 77 percent of recent Drew graduates who applied to medical school for the first time earned at least one acceptance, nearly doubling the national averages at the cycle.

In addition to the medical school outcomes, all four recent Drew graduates with GPAs above 3.00 who applied to dental and veterinary schools for the first time this year were accepted into at least one program. Two students are in dental programs at NYU and Rutgers while two others are in veterinary programs at Long Island University and Ohio State University.

How are Drew grads having this much success? They point to Drew’s faculty mentorship, liberal arts approach, and hands-on research opportunities.

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Barsoom, a neuroscience major at Drew, enrolled at Hackensack Meridian.

“Drew’s science faculty and pre-med committee do an outstanding job of preparing students for medical school, especially when it comes to medical school interviews. They helped me formulate answers to medically-related ethical questions which are common during interviews and challenging for many pre-med students,” said Michael Steves C’22.

“Drew is also particularly special because of its small and tight-knit community, which granted me access to research opportunities like RISE,” he added. “Since the RISE fellows have prior experience working in industry, I gained incredible insight into how drugs used in medicine are discovered and synthesized in their preliminary stages.”

Ravij Upadhyay C’18, now at Rowan School of Medicine, echoed Steves, noting valuable undergraduate research opportunities at Drew.

“The amount of research I had done in my undergraduate career compared to some of my peers applying to medical school made a huge difference,” said Upadhyay. “During my interview with RowanSOM, my research experience is one of the main things we spoke about.”

Shady Barsoom C’22 graduated from Drew feeling prepared for medical school success.

“I think one of the most impactful qualities of a liberal arts university like Drew was how often I was challenged to think about topics from multiple perspectives,” he said.

“The mentorship and constant guidance I received from wonderful professors was integral to preparing me for a career where collaboration and teamwork are key. The support and knowledge I received throughout my time at Drew has been incredibly useful even several weeks into medical school, and I am grateful for every minute that I was there.”

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