Drew University Students Launch Their Majors

Eden Linton C’24 provides a student view of the event guiding students to make major choices

March 2023 – The Launch Your Major event was a space for all students, declared or undeclared, to celebrate the academic offerings at Drew University.

The student-centered event provided students with the opportunity to connect with a plethora of resources on campus to help access the purposeful experiences and powerful community at Drew. Faculty, staff, and alum mentors were available to provide information to students about immersive experiences and major and minor opportunities. 

All students were welcomed at the event—declared students celebrated their major choices, while undecided first-year or sophomore students were given the opportunity and resources to learn about Drew’s 60-plus degree programs.

“Declaring a major is not just about choosing a field of study, it’s about making a commitment to myself and my future,” said Alpha Omega Sesay C’26, who has declared a double major in public health and business. “It’s an opportunity to explore my passions, challenge myself, and set a course for my academic and professional journey.”

Students also had the opportunity to learn more about Drew’s career development platform, Launch. The Launch team, which consists of the Center of Civic Engagement, the Center for Career Development, the Center for Global Education, and the Center for Mentoring and Professional Networks, creates a holistic college experience and guides students to use Drew’s resources to prepare for and meet their post-graduation goals.

The event served as a meaningful opportunity for students, declared or undeclared, to connect with the Drew community and look forward to the rest of their academic journies.

“Launch Your Major day was very important to me and somewhat exciting,” said Sesay. “It represents a significant milestone in my academic journey and it’s a time to reflect on past achievements, look forward to future opportunities and celebrate the hard work and dedication that led to this moment.”

Eden Linton C’24 is a media & communications major and a photography minor.


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