Rohin Beach T’25 on Drew’s Courageous Leadership DMin Cohort

The Sneaker Preacher turned to Drew to raise his level of leadership

March 2023 – Drew Theological School Doctor of Ministry (DMin) student Rohin Beach T’25, also known as The Sneaker Preacher, has been the assistant preacher at the Community Baptist Church of Englewood since 2019.

For decades, Beach has immersed himself in his ministry, using his platform and his passion for sneakers to encourage and lend his voice through writing, rapping, and mentoring. “Sneakers transcend generations, cultures, industries and backgrounds,” he said.

But attending a lecture at Drew changed everything, leaving Beach inspired for more. He’s now working towards his vocational goals through the Courageous Leadership DMin cohort at Drew. Read on to learn more.

What brought you to Drew Theological School?
I was drawn to Drew University after attending a lecture series at the University where Otis Moss III was the featured guest. His lecture on social change inspired me to raise my level of leadership. It was the conversations with the faculty that gave me the confidence to take the steps to engage in the exciting academic process. Drew is an hour away from my home, which allows me the space to attend classes and spend time with my family.

How is the Courageous Leadership cohort preparing you to meet your vocational goals?
The Courageous Leadership cohort is helping me analyze my context for the purpose of serving and leading toward community improvement. The program has taught me to recognize the issues in my context and create templates to provide changes. I have also learned that serving my context has the potential to provide guidance to other contexts.

Tell us about your DMin project.
My DMin project will explore the role of faith in hip-hop culture. I am working towards creating a curriculum that will help students and teachers understand the ways faith and hip-hop culture inform one another.


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