Drew University Class of 2023 Outcomes: Laila Serraj

Laila Serraj C’23 is entering Dartmouth’s masters of public health program

May 2023 – The members of the Drew University College of Liberal Arts Class of 2023 are set to graduate and start their careers and continue their educations in an array of disciplines, fields, and subjects.

We’ve talked with many C’23 students to see where they’re headed.

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Serraj after receiving first place for her research presentation at a Tri-Beta district convention.

Laila Serraj C’23 | Dartmouth Masters of Public Health

Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BS)

Minors: Psychology

How did your Drew classes and experiences prepare you for grad school?

I also believe that the rigorous courses offered at Drew set me apart from other applicants. I am fortunate to have taken a myriad of classes with talented and dedicated faculty who have helped throughout these past four years. My on-campus jobs as a biology TA and academic peer tutor at the Center for Academic Excellence also helped me highlight my leadership skills. Moreover, my volunteer work at the Drew University Health Services as a Covid-19 contact tracer and my EMT cadet experience with the Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corp (MVAC) showcased my passion for public health and medicine.

How did Drew help you get accepted into grad school?

I attribute my acceptance to Dartmouth to the many amazing experiences I have had at Drew. For instance, my research and honors thesis, Investigating and Improving the Accuracy of Bilirubin Measurement in Neonates, was a huge talking point during my interviews and earned me several awards. This work would not have been possible without the help of my research advisor Dr. Jonathan Crowther from the RISE department and my thesis committee members.

What kind of impact did your time at Drew have on you?

My time at Drew has been nothing short of amazing! I have grown tremendously and have had the opportunity to foster several important relationships with such a wonderful community. Graduating will certainly be bittersweet.

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