Cameryn Brown C’25 Returns for a Second Internship at AIG

Building her network and experience towards a career in law

June 2024 – Cameryn Brown C’25, a political science major and environmental studies & sustainability minor, used her networking skills to land a second internship at AIG this summer.

By utilizing LinkedIn as a job search and a strategic networking tool and with the guidance of Drew’s Center for Career Development, Brown is interning in AIG’s Chief Underwriting Office on the Multinational Reverseflow team where she assesses international corporations seeking insurance for the U.S businesses and evaluates overall performance, loss runs, and profitability. 

“This was a great opportunity that presented itself in order to explore my interests in compliance and regulatory work,” said Brown. “Since I’m interested in pursuing the business and corporate realm of law, and the fact that insurance is one of the most regulated industries, this has been a great introductory experience to see what this kind of work is like. 

After searching for internships that aligned with her career goals and interests in business, legal studies, compliance, and regulatory work, Brown found AIG’s opening on LinkedIn. Through networking with AIG employees initially over LinkedIn, she landed a series of interviews that resulted in the internship. “The rest is history! This is my second summer returning to AIG and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Last summer, Brown’s internship supported AIG’s Environmental Casualty team, gaining experience to complement her minor. “I had a wonderful time with the team and learned extensively about some of the pollution liability coverages they offer and dove head-on into complex policy guidelines,” she said. “Plus, I got to spend time in the city, which was a great experience in itself.”

“The Center for Career Development has been a great tool for learning how to network, utilizing LinkedIn to your fullest potential, and being able to ‘break the ice’ in interviews,” said Brown. “Kim Giorgio [Director of the Center for Career Development] has spoken at several club events and she has been a wonderful asset to both my networking prospective job career and as a mentor in general.”

Brown also points to her professors at Drew for their mentorship and career guidance. “They were always there to give me advice on how to respond to an email or areas of interest that I was thinking of pursuing and for that, I am extremely grateful,” she said.

Brown is taking her LSAT this summer with the aspiration to attend law school following graduation. She plans to pursue corporate transactions work and explore her interests in contracts.

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