Transfer Student Michael Gallaro C’25, G’26 Creates Individualized Experience at Drew

The student-athlete found his niche, creates special major

June 2024 – Transfer student Michael Gallaro C’25, G’26 has found his home at Drew University. And had been able to customize his experience to suit his interests in sports and data science.

Initially a business major with minors in statistics and data science at Drew, Gallaro discovered he could create a customized special major in data science.

“Given my interest in statistics and computer science, it was a no-brainer to craft a data science major, even as late as junior year,” said Gallaro, who is also a business major.

A baseball athlete, Gallaro contacted Drew’s Head Men’s Baseball Coach Brian Eberly when he decided he wanted to transfer from Salve Regina University. A campus tour led by Eberly sealed Gallaro’s decision to come to Drew.

“I hadn’t heard much about Drew and hadn’t seen the campus, so I was skeptical at first,” said Gallaro. “A campus tour with Coach Eberly quickly changed my perspective, and I am lucky to have landed here to continue to play the sport I love. One of Drew’s previous coaches was actually the first to recruit me in high school, so it feels like my journey has come full circle.”

Gallaro was named co-captain of Drew’s Men’s Baseball team last season.

“The transfer process was seamless,” said Gallaro. “All my credits transferred without a problem, which I know isn’t the case everywhere. The Admissions and Financial Aid staff at Drew were incredibly personable, making my family and I feel valued and prioritized from the start.”

Gallaro’s special major is also a stepping stone leading him to enter Drew’s Dual-Degree in Data Science program at Drew’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, allowing him to earn his Master of Science in Data Science in just one additional year. 

“With my special major, Drew has provided me the opportunity to take four master’s courses as an undergraduate, giving me a head start toward earning a Master of Science in Data Science,” he said. “My long-term goal has been to work in an analytics role for a professional baseball team, but my double major in data science and business gives me the flexibility to explore a wide range of career paths beyond the sports industry.”

“What sets Drew apart is the genuine personal interest shown by the staff and faculty, which profoundly influenced my academic path when I was still undecided about what to study,” said Gallaro. “The positive, winning culture within the Athletics department has been another highlight. The coaches genuinely have our best interests at heart, and the camaraderie among athletes is strong. The friendships I’ve made with my teammates are ones I know I’ll have forever.”

“Trust your instincts and choose a place where you feel genuinely valued,” said Gallaro, offering advice to students considering a transfer. “These four years fly by, and making the most of them is crucial. Spend your four years somewhere where the people around you want to see you succeed.”

“For me, choosing Drew was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I feel well-prepared for whatever comes next.”

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