Share Your Event Information

Have a university event that requires registration and collection of payments? Submit the event information below and a Comms team member will be in touch with any questions/to confirm when your event is live!

Please allow the Communications team 10 business days to set up your event page and payment.

Important reminder: It is critical that you book your event space utilizing the scheduling system before you begin promotion for your event.

Please book your event through Mazevo, the University scheduling software, below. You will receive a confirmation email once your event has been scheduled.

Students, please note: this form is intended for use by faculty and staff members only. Please speak with a staff advisor if you would like to initiate a paid event.

University Events Submission (paid)
Please note that you must reserve and confirm your space through EMS before submitting your event for promotion through this form.
Please note the physical location to purchase tickets and/or the link where they can be purchased online.
All funds are collected via PayPal and will then be transferred by Finance to the noted account.

Maximum file size: 268.44MB