Think Big. Think Bold. Think Baldwin.

Baldwin Honors Scholars are Drew’s highest-achieving students, chosen for their strong academic record and capacity to pursue independent learning and research. Baldwin Scholars learn to innovate and collaborate to move their ideas forward, all within a supportive, inclusive community of scholars.


Baldwin Honors Scholars tackle an advanced, four-year, 21-credit curriculum, demonstrating to elite grad schools and top employers the capacity for self-directed, inquiry-based work.

  • Honors Colloquium: an introduction to academic research and analytical writing in the first year
  • Honors Coursework: seminars, one-on-one tutorials, and customized courses in the first through third years
  • Junior Community Initiative: a cooperative citizenship or social change project
  • Senior Thesis


Baldwin Honors Scholars create community from day one, supporting each other and growing as campus leaders through opportunities beyond the curriculum.

  • Advanced Research: Pursue faculty-mentored projects and apply for grants to support your research work and conference travel.
  • Leadership Roles: Build the capacity for campus and community change through exclusive opportunities.
  • Special Events: Enjoy salons, excursions to New York, Q&A sessions with guest speakers . . . and much more.
  • Honors Housing: Opt to live alongside fellow Baldwin Scholars in a traditional residence hall setting.


Generous scholarships support our Baldwin Scholars. An invitation into the Baldwin Honors Program as a first semester freshman comes with a $3,000 Baldwin Honors Scholarship, renewable annually. Other awards and programs for honors students are available, and Baldwin Scholars typically qualify for a $27,000 Francis Asbury Scholarship. Eligible students may also qualify for need-based assistance.