Among the rich variety of off-campus opportunities offered through Drew’s Center for Global Education, two may be of particular interest to you as an English major:  The Semester on Media and Communication and the London Semester.  These two semesters offer opportunities designed for English major and allow you to earn 8 upper-level credits toward your major.

The London Semester

The London Semester allows students to explore political and social change in Great Britain. Participants enroll in a total of 16 credits, including a required colloquium, taught by the program’s resident director, a Drew faculty member. The other classes are taught by a continuing staff of distinguished British faculty. Courses focus on the interplay of British history and politics, and literary and theatrical portrayals of social and political themes. Field trips to political meetings, party conferences, theaters, and museums, along with guest speakers from British political, literary and theatrical life are a regular feature of the academic program.

Semester on Communications & Media

The New York Semester on Communications & Media brings Drew University students into the heart of it all, to learn from professionals who work in the interconnected world of communications, public relations, advertising, and media and to visit the places in which meaning is created, stories conveyed and information consumed. In this semester, the student will take a critical look at the operations of New York City’s media and communications industry, critically examine the making of—and meaning behind—the messages, and the discuss ethical and moral issues at play. At the end of the semester, you will have a deep understanding of the role of media and communications within American culture, as well as an appreciation for topics and controversies affecting New York’s media and communications world.


English faculty also regularly direct shortTRECs, two-three week study abroad experiences with varying topics and destinations.  Recent topics include: Literary Greece, which takes you to a Greek island to participate for two weeks in a writers workshop and Sexuality and Gender in the Victorian City: London and Environs, which explores Victorian culture in London, Birmingham, Oxford and nearby sites.