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ECON 281: Wall Street & the Economy

4 Credits

Focusing on the institutions and operations of financial markets located on Wall Street (and more generally New York City), students are offered a solid background on Wall Street and its relationship to the rest of the economy, centering on finance but also including macroeconomic, historical, and ethical dimensions. The impact of the financial sector on the U.S. economy is considered at all levels (local, state, national, and global). Students spend two days per week in New York City, attending presentations and discussions by prominent executives, government officials, institutional shareholders, economists, academics and other members of the financial community. Students also participate in a course offered by the program director where they are exposed to the major theoretical concepts of modern finance. Registration restricted for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Prerequisite: ECON 101 & ECON 102

Signature of instructor required for registration.

CLA-Off Campus Experience, CLA-Immersive Experience.

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ECON 381: Wall Street & the Economy

4 Credits

Using comparative, critical, and/or historical perspectives, students explore topical events in U.S. and global financial markets. An integral component of the Wall Street semester program, this experience allows students to intertwine classroom theory, information obtained from experts throughout the financial industry, and economic and financial data. At the end of semester, students will have an opportunity to deliver their analyses, findings and recommendations in oral and written forms to their peers, financial practitioners, and program director. Students produce their own research paper on a financial topic of their choice.

Prerequisite: STAT 207

Signature of instructor required for registration.

CLA-Writing Intensive, CLA-Writing in the Major