The Jim M. O'Kane Award

Established in 2005 to honor Professor of Sociology James M. O’Kane’s long and devoted service to Drew University. Awarded to a sociology major of good character who has done outstanding work in the discipline.

  • 2016 Tom Losito
  • 2015 Anne Celestin and May Manalo
  • 2014 Leah Zarra and Maddie Wenz
  • 2013 Maeve Oleny
  • 2012 Maeve Olney and Marissa Katherine DeAnna
  • 2011 Sunita Bhargava, Katherine Bitgood and Noah Rich
  • 2010 Katherine Bitgood
  • 2009 Richard C. Villa
  • 2008 Paige Weller and Emily Smylka
  • 2007 Melanie Sullo and Astrid Spota
  • 2006 Laura Moss and M. Clare Tyson
  • 2005 Sarah Bergman
The Class of 1988 Award

Endowed by the Senior Gift Fund of the Class of 1988. Awarded to a senior in the sociology department who has done significant work in one of the area studies programs.

  • 2015 Genesis Hernandez
  • 2014 Valerie Dohrer
  • 2013 Julia Friedman
  • 2012 Elizabeth Alison Garceau
  • 2011 Candace Martin and Jennifer Nikola
  • 2010 Olivia Harris and Jennifer Nikola
  • 2009 Christa A. Hendrickson
  • 2008 Adela Effendy
  • 2007 Georgia Fowler
  • 2006 Eric Rothman
  • 2005 Jennifer Siaca
Elbridge and Edna Smith Prize

Endowed in 2008 by Elbridge M. Smith C’35 and Edna W. Smith.  Awarded to a student of outstanding achievement, majoring or intending to major in sociology or French, who have not yet begun their senior year. (This award rotates every year with the French department).

  • 2016 Lexy Martino and T.J. Chiang
  • 2014 May Manalo
  • 2012 Andrew Timothy McGibbon
Oliver J. Winsett Scholarship
The Oliver J. Winsett Scholarship was established in 2012 and endowed in 2017 by Anna and Dennis Winsett in memory of their son Oliver J. Winsett C’04. The fund is awarded to deserving students who are motivated to graduate but who require additional academic support to do so. Students are eligible for the Scholarship after completing one full academic year of undergraduate coursework. Preference shall be given to a student majoring in Sociology, however, if one cannot be identified in any given year, then to any other eligible student in the College of Liberal Arts who otherwise meets the eligibility requirements.
  • Jaquayah Williams C’22 – 2022-2023
  • Ta’Kwayjah Myles C’22 – 2021-2022
  • Emely Alphonse C’22 – 2020-2021
  • Jasmin Calderon C’20 – 2019-2020
  • Sabrina Chmelir C’19 – 2018-2019
  • Sabrina Chmelir C’19 – 2017-2018