Fall Forward Program


Fall Forward

Enjoy a unique and exciting program that will help you hit the ground running next semester!

October 20-December 16, 2022

Residential Student Move In: October 18

Orientation (All Students): October 19

Classes Begin: October 20

Drew’s Fall Forward Program provides you with a guided experience by our faculty and staff, whose mentorship will help you connect your individual interests and goals leading you to a successful career path and future life. Whether you’re just beginning or starting again, the program’s in-person classes are offered at our beautiful, conveniently located campus.

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There is no application fee for this part-time program, but enrollment is limited.

Dive into a Drew college experience.

Classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 8 weeks.

• Earn 6 college credits
• Live on campus or commute from home
• Have 1:1 support and attention from dedicated faculty advisors
• Gain the skills to be successful in college
• Have access to Drew’s student resources—including recreational facilities, student activities, and more
• Enjoy small classes with other first-time and transfer college students

Interested in a low-residency program?

Get a taste of resident student life by staying in the dorms Monday night-Thursday each week of the program!

$1,880 housing + meal plan
$4,600 course enrollment
$50 parking fee
$6,530 total

As with full-time residential students and commuters, all students participating in this program will have full access to recreational facilities, activities, and more.

Core Program Course

WRTG 111 Writing Studio I

WRTG 111 enriches students’ fluency with academic writing conventions, deepens students’ understanding of their own writing process, and strengthens students’ critical and analytical thinking skills. Specifically, over the next few weeks, to study the conventions of academic writing, we’ll turn to Gerald Graff and Kathy Birkenstein’s They Say/I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing. To enrich our engagement with this textbook, we’ll put a different spin on “the moves that matter” by considering the actual, physical moves that writers make as they compose. We’ll research the writing spaces of you and your peers, and you’ll get to experiment with making modifications to where you write in order to evaluate the extent to which these modifications affect how you write.