Drew University Launches New Data Analytics Dual-Degree Program

The program allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Science in only five years

October 2021 – Drew University and Drew’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies have launched a new Data Analytics Dual-Degree program.

The program is one of six new options added to the University’s extensive offering of Dual-Degree programs with Caspersen, Drew Theological School, and other partnering universities, including Columbia, NYU, and Washington University in St. Louis.

Students participating in the 4+1 Data Analytics Dual-Degree program can dual enroll in graduate courses during their junior or senior year, providing students with a significant head start toward completing their master’s degree—and a savings on the corresponding cost.

The STEM-designated Master of Science in Data Analytics program focuses on statistics, data science, and programming, coupled with applied data analytics projects and extensive internship opportunities across many disciplines and industries. Students will leave the program armed with a portfolio of data analytics projects highlighting the practical application of acquired skills through their internship and case-study projects.

“During my first year at Drew, I took a class called History by the Numbers, which made me realize the importance of understanding statistics, even for those working in the historical field,” said Caroline Mull C’22, G’23, who is enrolled in the program. “Through this class and many others, I realized I wanted to continue to explore the world of statistics and data analytics. The amount of historical data available to researchers is limitless and museums are full of information; there is so much to be learned from the data held within them. I can easily see that the skills I’m learning today will be beneficial regardless of what career path I choose.”

"I expect this Dual-Degree program to be quite popular, given the quality of our program and the job prospects of our graduates.”

“Drew undergraduates who have registered for our master’s courses have had a positive experience, and now they can complete their master’s at a discount,” said Sarah Abramowitz, John H. Evans Professor and Department Chair of Mathematics and Computer Science. “I expect this Dual-Degree program to be quite popular, given the quality of our program and the job prospects of our graduates.”

“Many of the courses in the Data Analytics program expand on courses I had taken during my undergraduate education,” said Lisa Stites, C’21, G23, a Data Analytics Master of Science candidate. “I want to become a business intelligence analyst and I am confident that the skills I acquire from the Data Analytics program will help me transition into a successful professional career.”

Data analytics is a rapidly growing field with diverse career options across many industries.

“The music industry needs people who can look for trends in what users of Spotify and other music services are doing,” said Abramowitz. “Newspapers are expanding their data journalism departments so they can create interesting data visualizations. Doctors monitor and guide patient health through data from fitness trackers. Retailers use data analytics to connect shoppers with relevant items to maximize sales. Finally, trends from social networks are applied to commerce, public health and safety, and politics.”


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