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Joan Affleck G’24, associate vice president at Merck & Co., enrolled in #DrewU’s Doctor of Medical and Health Humanities (#DMH) program to further her interdisciplinary research in the sciences, humanities, and business.

"I have a history of combining academic work in the sciences, humanities, and business. The doctoral program in Medical and Health Humanities takes my interdisciplinary interests to the next level," she said.

Joan continued, "In clinical research we need to consider the whole person. When developing medicines and vaccines that save and improve people’s lives worldwide, we benefit from examining those lives through the lenses of the individual narrative and aggregate data, diverse social and cultural factors, and ethics. These inquiries allow for a deeper understanding of the ontology and epistemology of health and well-being. In turn, they broaden my global leadership perspectives and empower me to better serve and guide clinical development programs, staff, and patients."

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Shortly after graduating from #DrewU with a degree in neuroscience, Tanner Euston C’19, G’23 returned to work as a biology lab manager. This has led him to enroll in the Caspersen MS in #DataAnalytics program.

"I knew from my prior work experience as a lab technician in a psychiatry lab immediately after college that I had an interest in working with data in a healthcare/biomedical research field. I even completed my undergraduate honors thesis focusing heavily on biostatistics and addiction. I love the field of data analytics because technology and programming is evolving at such a rapid pace that researchers, companies, governments, and nonprofits can fully leverage the data that is available to them. This rapid growth also requires me to adopt a ‘continuous learning mindset’ where I need to always learn more, and that’s exciting!" Tanner said.

"I loved every minute of my undergraduate and work experience on campus. From these experiences, I know first-hand now that the professors at Drew are both amazing teachers and also amazing co-workers!" he continued. "If I planned on attending graduate school, I knew it had to be here. So when I started working at Drew, I applied to the Master of Science in Data Analytics program part-time to take full advantage of being on campus all the time."

#NewJersey #NJ #GradSchool #Data

Anica Lazetic G’23 is a genetic counseling assistant at Sema4, a genetic testing company offering a variety of genetic testing panels to their patients.

Lazetic, a Doctor of Medical and Health Humanities (#DMH) student at #DrewU’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, is acutely aware of the human element behind the results of every genetic test. Delivering those results with compassion is integral to providing patient-centered care.

“This program taught me that every patient I interact with has a different ‘testing experience.’ Some patients may have nothing to worry about, whereas others depend on this testing to make life-changing decisions. It is normal to encounter different behaviors and experiences while working with such sensitive information,” she said.

“There are numerous medical and health humanities programs, but I believe this program [at Drew] outshines other universities. This program focuses on educational resources that uncover a diverse way of thinking about human history, culture, behavior, and experience. These resources teach students to practice patient-centered care and properly analyze, evaluate, and impact healthcare practices and priorities.”

Read more about Anica and the #MedicalHumanities #HealthHumanities program on our bio’s #Linktree!

Caroline Mull C’22, G’23 enrolled in #DrewU’s Dual-Degree in #DataAnalytics because she knows that together, history and numbers makes sense.

As a history major, Caroline realized the importance of statistics, even for those working in the historical field.

“The amount of historical data available to researchers is limitless and museums are full of information; there is so much to be learned from the data held within them,” she said.

"During the pandemic is when my interest in the data analytics program really took off," Caroline continued. "I had the pleasure of taking two graduate level courses online. After talking with some of the professors and other students in my classes, I decided to continue on with the program as I kept seeing avenues where I could apply what I was learning to problems within the humanities field. My experiences thus far have made me feel like the possibilities are limitless."

Kevin Poirier G’23 has had a long standing career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Understanding the critical importance of the patient narrative, he wanted to be able to look beyond solely relieving symptoms to achieve holistic medical patient care. Naturally, Drew was the perfect fit for Kevin to start his journey as a Doctor of Medical and Health Humanities student.

Kevin is a Data Sharing Portfolio Officer at Novartis Pharmaceuticals in East Hanover, NJ. He spoke about how the program applies to his position in healthcare.

“As a long standing member of the pharmaceutical industry, 32 years at Novartis and three years at Merck, it has become more apparent that the patient’s story and a patient’s quality of life are just as important as relieving the symptoms of disease or an actual cure. The patient narrative helps the clinical investigative team design better trials and capture important information about a disease that might frequently be unknown unless we dive deeper into the patient’s story,” Kevin said.

“This program has been especially poignant for me as many members of my family are afflicted with chronic pain. Chronic pain, as described by Gaetana Kopchinsky, adjunct professor of medical and health humanities, is the silent epidemic. My thesis centers on the aspects of chronic pain and the narratives of patients who are many times not heard. I am researching some of the inequities in pain treatment and the commonalities of those who are afflicted with chronic pain.”

#MedicalAndHealthHumanities #MedicalHumanities #HealthHumanities #Novartis #ChronicPain #NewJersey #NJ

For Cece Kracht C’21, G’22, #DrewU was the school that checked every box.

She wanted a school with a built-in masters program track. She wanted to play college basketball. She wanted to volunteer in the community. She wanted a strong finance program with hands-on experiences.

Kracht, an economics major, took advantage of Drew’s 4+1 Master of Science in #Finance (#MFin) Dual-Degree program, where she’ll be among the first MFin students to graduate with a concentration in #FinancialEngineering (FE), new to the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies program.

She also played on the women’s basketball team, was an Action Scholar, and took part in Drew’s NYC Semester on Wall Street.

“The MFin program in general is an amazing opportunity for students to learn and expand their knowledge of financial markets while establishing personal and professional connections with Drew alumni,” Kracht said.

“The financial engineering program is a mix between general finance, computer science, and mathematics. Our FE group was small, which allowed us to really dig into concepts that we were passionate about and learn things that you would not typically have the opportunity to do if we were in a large lecture hall.”

Kracht started a finance internship two days after graduating from the College of Liberal Arts and was soon offered a full-time job that allowed her to simultaneously pursue her MFin degree. She now works in a #FinancialTechnology (#FinTech) position with Housecall Pro.

#DrewU’s Lisa Stites C’21, G’23 recently took part in the 2022 New Jersey Governor’s STEM Scholars program as one of the 100 students selected across the state.

Lisa, a business major and statistics minor as an undergrad, is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Data Analytics.

“I am very thankful for the statistics courses I took because they not only helped me find my passion, they also prepared me to succeed in the graduate courses I have taken,” she said.

“If it weren’t for Drew’s explorative environment where you are encouraged to take classes outside of your primary area of study, I don’t know that I would be pursuing a Master of Science in Data Analytics.”

This summer, Lisa is a project analyst intern at Dun & Bradstreet, a business data and analytics company. She hopes to become a geospatial data scientist, using her familiarity with Geographic Information Systems and her data science skill set.

#MSDataAnalytics #DataAnalytics #NewJersey #NJSTEM #GovSTEMScholars

#DrewU’s Medical and Health Humanities department has launched The Medical Humanities Book Club. The group is hosting a summer check-in and informational meeting this week on Friday, July 1 at 4 p.m.

The virtual book club, open to all students and affiliates of Drew University’s Medical and Health Humanities program, meets monthly to discuss a mix of academic and literary works related to the field of medical and health humanities.

Doctor of Medical and Health Humanities student Crystal King Wallner G’25 spearheaded the formation of the club. “The Medical Humanities Book Club serves as a place where we can convene to discuss medical humanities topics and ideas, while also diving deeper into some great works of the field," Crystal said.

The Master of Education (MEd) Program at Drew University’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies features a flexible curriculum that allows students to tailor their coursework to build interdisciplinary skills and explore their interests.

To build on this flexibility, many courses are offered online and hybrid (online and in-person) to allow for a full range of options for busy students.

“Teachers have a lot of responsibilities, both inside the classroom and outside of school,” said Kristen Turner, program director and professor of teacher education. “By offering online options, we hope to expand access to educators who want to continue their professional learning while still managing their extracurricular and family obligations.”

Lauren Ventresca is a full-time teacher of English Language Learning who is enrolled in the online / hybrid model of the MEd.

"With the flexibility of online classes, I feel that I can teach and be a student at the same time successfully. I have more time to regroup after a long day at work in order to then be a student online at Drew. I want what is best for my ELL students and Drew’s flexibility is helping me achieve my goals," she said.

Read more about Lauren and our online MEd students at our #Linktree.

Michael Ma C’20, G’21 graduated from #DrewU in 2020 with degrees in business, computer science, and Chinese language and literature, but he wasn’t ready to part ways with Drew just yet.

Ma continued at Drew’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies to earn his Master of Science in Data Analytics and he hasn’t looked back. Ma has been able to use the valuable skills he obtained at Drew to further his career as a business intelligence developer at American Financing.

Ma said, “I chose data analytics because it applies to just about every field. I didn’t really know what type of industry I wanted to get into after I completed my undergrad degrees—there were so many fields I could have gone into. I realized data is important and relevant across every industry in the world. I could go into sports, music, tech—basically anything I was interested in I could theoretically contribute and provide value by using analytical tools.”

“Plus, there is a huge market for analytics and the jobs associated with analytical work are high paying on average,” he continued.

Congratulations to Michael Ma in his budding career using skills developed in the #DataAnalytics program at Drew!

Elaina Cuffy recently graduated from the #DrewU Master of Science in Finance, two years after graduating from the college with a double major in business and Spanish.

In four years since arriving in The Forest, she has graduated a year early, spent a summer in Barcelona and a semester on Wall Street, learned a second language, and earned a masters degree.

Regarding the #MFin, she said, “Last year, I met Professor [Steve] Firestone before beginning the Master in Finance program. Prior to becoming a professor at Drew, he gained a wealth of experience in the industry and he freely shares his experiences with his students."

She continued, "His mentorship and guidance have been instrumental in being where I am today. He has pushed me academically, helped me to recognize how my career fits with my personal goals, and to identify my areas of interest in finance. Professor Firestone took the time to prepare me for interviews and the world of finance outside of the classroom, while helping me to remain focused during the most challenging times.”

Congratulations to Elaina as she has already landed a job as an investment research analyst with Simon Quick Advisors!

#DrewU’s Drew Writing Project (DWP) and Digital Literacies Collaborative (DLC) have received a $50,000 grant as part of the National Writing Project’s Building a More Perfect Union program, which helps humanities organizations recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The grant will fund the DWP’s “Rethinking the Narrative: Historical and Artifactual Literacies and Museum Curation” project, done in partnership with the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts in Drew’s hometown of Madison.

“This grant allows us to showcase the great work of DWP and DLC teachers, who are committed to developing K-12 students’ literacies,” said Kristen Turner, professor and director of teacher education. “By partnering with the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts, we connect with downtown Madison and promote education in humanities, a hallmark of the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies.”

The DWP, founded in 2018, is a site of the National Writing Project and has more than 100 trained Teacher Consultants in its network. The DWP provides professional development through school partnerships to approximately 200 teachers per year.

When Kaitlyn Veliz C’22, G’23 was looking to transfer from Union County College four years ago, she felt an immediate draw to #DrewU.

“From the moment I expressed interest in attending Drew, the faculty and staff demonstrated a genuine desire to help me get there,” she said. “I knew the class sizes would be small and that I wouldn’t be just another student to my professors. They’d know exactly who I was.”

Kaitlyn had such a positive undergraduate experience at Drew that she decided to stick around The Forest for another year. She has enrolled in Drew’s 4+1 dual-degree program in finance where she will earn her Master of Science in Finance at the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies.

“Professor [Steve] Firestone [Assistant teaching professor of finance and director of the MFin program] is someone who has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure I’m successful in any path I choose,” Kaitlyn said.

The full article can be read by clicking on our #Linktree.
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Dr. Nancy Vitalone-Raccaro, Associate Teaching Professor of Education, has been awarded as the Thomas H. Kean Scholar / Mentor of the Year Award.

One student commented that Dr. Vitalone-Raccaro “has positively impacted my graduate experience here at Drew University. She was always available for guidance and support throughout the planning phases of my Inquiry Project. If it wasn’t for Dr. Vitalone-Raccaro, I wouldn’t be where I am today!”

Another student wrote, “It is so clear that she is passionate about training the next generation of teachers. She was always very approachable, adaptable, and open when it came to student discussions.”

Dr. Vitalone-Raccaro is the coordinator of the Teacher of Students with Disabilities endorsement, club advisor to the undergraduate Connect with Kids group, and organizes the Drew Writing Project school partnerships.

Congratulations, Dr. Nancy Vitalone-Raccaro, on this recognition from the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies!

What does it mean to have rolling admissions at Caspersen at #DrewU?

We accept applications all year round!

Whether you're applying today or in a few months, we are happy to assist with the application process.

At the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, we have a simple application:
-Complete the online application
-Submit transcripts from all previous institutions of higher education
-Submit a personal statement of interest in your program at Drew
-Have two people write letters of recommendation
-Submit test scores or a CV / resume if requested

It's as simple as that! Email our office at at any time with questions. Find the link to apply for our masters or doctoral programs in our Linktree.

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Drew’s Data Analytics programs are structured to focus on the intersections of statistics, computer science, skills and technologies.”
—Sarah Abramowitz, Professor and Department Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science

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