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All programs are based on Drew’s renowned commitment to faculty-student mentorship, opportunities for out-of-the-classroom experiential learning, and facilitating a robust intellectual community. A graduate education from Drew cultivates a deep commitment to critical reflection and analysis.

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Virtual Open House
October 18, 5 p.m. ET

Save the Date: Sickle Cell Disease Medical Humanities Symposium
November 1, 1 p.m. | Mead Hall, Drew University

#DrewU’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies hosted its second annual Chief Risk Officer Summit roundtable discussion for students in the Master of Science in #Finance (#MFin) program, as well as undergraduate students interested or majoring in finance, business, and economics.

The roundtable featured Ken Abbott, distinguished lecturer at Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business and former chief risk officer at Barclays Bank; Jason Hickey, global markets risk executive at Bank of America; and Gary Mandelblatt, managing partner at NextGen Strategic Partners and former chief risk officer at Nomura Americas.

The discussion was organized and moderated by Kerem Yaman, adjunct professor of finance and chief operating officer of global markets risk management at Morgan Stanley, and Steve Firestone, director of Drew’s MFin program.

The industry leaders provided in-depth and candid insights into the process of running a large risk organization and the key risks present in today’s market. Continue reading this article in our Linktree.

Josh Roberts C’22, G’23 declared anthropology as a major after taking a Business Anthropology course during his first year and “fell in love with it.”

Knowing he wanted to take advantage of #DrewU’s 4+1 Dual-Degree programs, Josh decided to build upon his degree in anthropology with a Master of Science in Data Analytics (MSDA).

“When I am observing data and representing it graphically, I can start to understand why the data is shaped the way it is. Anthropology is the study of culture and humans. As an undergrad, I took a lot of business anthropology courses that studied consumer culture and used ethnography to save dying businesses or look closer into how humans are reacting to certain aspects of a market,” Josh said regarding how his two degrees compliment each other.

“Having the knowledge to be able to study the culture surrounding say, NBA fans, I can look at trends in data and understand why an anomaly may exist or why trends of the data are the way that they are. Instead of making guesses or simply treating the data as numbers, I can look at ethnographies that have been written in the field and possibly learn more about the consumers than simply looking at just the data.”

Josh is also a member of the Drew Swimming team and continues to compete as a graduate student during an extra year of eligibility. Continue reading Josh’s story at the link in our bio.
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Dr. Jonathan Golden is the #DrewU Director of Center on Religion, Culture, and Conflict. He is the Assistant Teaching Professor in Religious Studies, and he was recently featured by the Peace and Justice Studies Association.

In his interview, Dr. Golden spoke of the origins and mission of the Center as well as the current and future work planned on campus, regionally, and globally.

“New Jersey is one of the most religiously diverse spots on the planet. But there’s a key distinction between diversity and pluralism. Diversity is the fact of there being different people in the room, on campus, or in your community. Pluralism addresses what we do with that diversity,” he stated before posing a question. “How do we get people to engage and build something positive out of all that diversity?”

Dr. Golden’s full interview can be found in our bio.
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The 2023 Dean Hopper Conference will be held on Friday, March 24 at the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies at Drew University. The conference theme is Modes of Belonging: Kinship, Exile, and Translation.

Review the #CallForPapers at the QR code, and email for additional information. #GradSchool #NewJersey #NJ

#DrewU is pleased to welcome Dr. Hamed Yousefi as Assistant Professor of Finance. Dr. Yousefi joined the Drew community at the start of the fall 2022 semester, and he teaches in both the #MFin program of the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies and the undergraduate College of Liberal Arts.

“As I have been known to say, ‘the most valuable asset we have in our life is time,’” Dr. Yousefi said. “I’m thrilled to be spending this time of my career at Drew, preparing CLA and MFin students for careers in the fascinating and ever-changing field of #finance.”

A member of the American Finance Association and Financial Management Association, Dr. Yousefi’s research interests include asset pricing, fintech, and market friction.

“Professor Yousefi really has such a diverse set of research interests,” said Master of Science in Finance Program Director Steve Firestone. “He has published in a wide range of finance, accounting, and marketing journals. His interdisciplinary business research is one reason that he is such an asset to Drew students as they think about honors thesis and independent study opportunities.”

Dr. Yousefi earned an MBA in Finance from the University of Economic Sciences in Tehran, Iran and an MA in #Economics and PhD in Finance from Old Dominion University.

Welcome to the Drew community!
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#DrewU’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies has been pleased to welcome this fall’s incoming students in all program areas.

Caspersen offers master’s programs in Arts & Letters, #DataAnalytics, #Finance, History & Culture, Medical & Health Humanities, and #TeacherEducation. Doctoral degrees are offered in Arts & Letters and Medical & Health Humanities.

In addition, several certificate programs are available, including the increasingly popular #ConflictResolution & Leadership. All certificate programs can be applied to or taken in conjunction with a degree program.

“Caspersen is touting increased interest from students in the New York metropolitan area as we continue to provide an array of distinctive and flexible advanced degree programs that best fits the professional goals of our students,” said Dr. Kevin Miller, Executive Director of Graduate Admissions. “Our proximity to New York City, coupled with a renowned commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience, makes Caspersen a clear choice for graduate students—near and far,” he said.

Several programs are now offering online solutions, including the low-residency Medical & Health Humanities program, affording students the opportunity to study at Drew throughout the U.S. and the world. In all, the incoming class represents nine states and eleven countries. Read the full article in our #Linktree.

Join the #DrewU Center for Holocaust / Genocide Study and Dr. Joshua Kavaloski to discuss graphic novel adaptations of Anne Frank’s life and Diary of a Young Girl.

Anne Frank is arguably the best-known victim of the Holocaust, and her life and diary have served as inspiration for four graphic novels. This talk explores the different artistic and narrative approaches of these works. Although they treat similar material, these graphic novels each have individual aesthetic and ideological strategies.

Dr. Kavaloski is a professor of German at Drew where he also directs this Center. Register at the link in our bio.

The #DrewU Medical and Health Humanities department will host a symposium on November 1 entitled, "Creating cultures of trust and equity for people living with Sickle Cell Disease." The event is available in an in-person or online format.

Join us as we explore biopharmaceutical and ethical perspectives as they relate to the everyday experiences of people with Sickle Cell Disease. The symposium encourages dialogue between science and humanities speakers.

We invite you to contribute to our understanding of the experiences of people living with Sickle Cell Disease and their aspirations of improved future treatments.

Check out the link in our bio to register, read the full schedule, and find out more information about our #MedicalHumanities / #HealthHumanities program.

One critical component of #DrewU’s Master of Science in Finance (#MFin) program is the inclusion of industry expert guest speakers.

The latest guest was Katie Stockton, founder and managing partner of Fairlead Strategies, a frequent guest on CNBC and Bloomberg News as a leading authority on technical analysis of equities, cryptocurrency, and other assets.

“Having guest speakers was the most helpful experience throughout the year and this capstone course,” said Nate Race G’22.

“Actually meeting people in the real world and hearing them explain their experiences has given me and my classmates great ideas on how to pursue a career in the finance field,” Nate continued.

“The opportunity to hear from and engage with financial experts like Katie Stockton is part of what sets Drew’s MFin program apart,” said Jon Gates C’22, who is among the first MFin students earning Drew’s new concentration in financial engineering.

Learn more about Drew's MS in #Finance degree and read the complete article at the link in our bio.

The #DrewU Open House is next month on October 18 at 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. ET on Zoom!

Join us for a virtual Open House to hear about the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies' renowned commitment to faculty-student mentorship and opportunities for out-of-the-classroom learning.

We will have breakout rooms for each of our degree programs and certificates:

💚Teacher Education
💚Data Analytics
💙Arts & Letters
💚History & Culture
💙Medical and Health Humanities
💚Conflict Resolution

Registration is in our #Linktree!

Happy first day of classes, Caspersen community! Make plans to join the Graduate Student Association on Thursday, September 15 at 6:00 p.m. in the Archives. Be sure to RSVP to save your spot! ...

Welcome to #DrewU, new Caspersen students! We can't wait to meet you; let us get to know you better as you get oriented this weekend by tagging us @CaspersenAtDrew! ...

Joan Affleck G’24, associate vice president at Merck & Co., enrolled in #DrewU’s Doctor of Medical and Health Humanities (#DMH) program to further her interdisciplinary research in the sciences, humanities, and business.

"I have a history of combining academic work in the sciences, humanities, and business. The doctoral program in Medical and Health Humanities takes my interdisciplinary interests to the next level," she said.

Joan continued, "In clinical research we need to consider the whole person. When developing medicines and vaccines that save and improve people’s lives worldwide, we benefit from examining those lives through the lenses of the individual narrative and aggregate data, diverse social and cultural factors, and ethics. These inquiries allow for a deeper understanding of the ontology and epistemology of health and well-being. In turn, they broaden my global leadership perspectives and empower me to better serve and guide clinical development programs, staff, and patients."

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Shortly after graduating from #DrewU with a degree in neuroscience, Tanner Euston C’19, G’23 returned to work as a biology lab manager. This has led him to enroll in the Caspersen MS in #DataAnalytics program.

"I knew from my prior work experience as a lab technician in a psychiatry lab immediately after college that I had an interest in working with data in a healthcare/biomedical research field. I even completed my undergraduate honors thesis focusing heavily on biostatistics and addiction. I love the field of data analytics because technology and programming is evolving at such a rapid pace that researchers, companies, governments, and nonprofits can fully leverage the data that is available to them. This rapid growth also requires me to adopt a ‘continuous learning mindset’ where I need to always learn more, and that’s exciting!" Tanner said.

"I loved every minute of my undergraduate and work experience on campus. From these experiences, I know first-hand now that the professors at Drew are both amazing teachers and also amazing co-workers!" he continued. "If I planned on attending graduate school, I knew it had to be here. So when I started working at Drew, I applied to the Master of Science in Data Analytics program part-time to take full advantage of being on campus all the time."

#NewJersey #NJ #GradSchool #Data

Anica Lazetic G’23 is a genetic counseling assistant at Sema4, a genetic testing company offering a variety of genetic testing panels to their patients.

Lazetic, a Doctor of Medical and Health Humanities (#DMH) student at #DrewU’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, is acutely aware of the human element behind the results of every genetic test. Delivering those results with compassion is integral to providing patient-centered care.

“This program taught me that every patient I interact with has a different ‘testing experience.’ Some patients may have nothing to worry about, whereas others depend on this testing to make life-changing decisions. It is normal to encounter different behaviors and experiences while working with such sensitive information,” she said.

“There are numerous medical and health humanities programs, but I believe this program [at Drew] outshines other universities. This program focuses on educational resources that uncover a diverse way of thinking about human history, culture, behavior, and experience. These resources teach students to practice patient-centered care and properly analyze, evaluate, and impact healthcare practices and priorities.”

Read more about Anica and the #MedicalHumanities #HealthHumanities program on our bio’s #Linktree!

Caroline Mull C’22, G’23 enrolled in #DrewU’s Dual-Degree in #DataAnalytics because she knows that together, history and numbers makes sense.

As a history major, Caroline realized the importance of statistics, even for those working in the historical field.

“The amount of historical data available to researchers is limitless and museums are full of information; there is so much to be learned from the data held within them,” she said.

"During the pandemic is when my interest in the data analytics program really took off," Caroline continued. "I had the pleasure of taking two graduate level courses online. After talking with some of the professors and other students in my classes, I decided to continue on with the program as I kept seeing avenues where I could apply what I was learning to problems within the humanities field. My experiences thus far have made me feel like the possibilities are limitless."

Kevin Poirier G’23 has had a long standing career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Understanding the critical importance of the patient narrative, he wanted to be able to look beyond solely relieving symptoms to achieve holistic medical patient care. Naturally, Drew was the perfect fit for Kevin to start his journey as a Doctor of Medical and Health Humanities student.

Kevin is a Data Sharing Portfolio Officer at Novartis Pharmaceuticals in East Hanover, NJ. He spoke about how the program applies to his position in healthcare.

“As a long standing member of the pharmaceutical industry, 32 years at Novartis and three years at Merck, it has become more apparent that the patient’s story and a patient’s quality of life are just as important as relieving the symptoms of disease or an actual cure. The patient narrative helps the clinical investigative team design better trials and capture important information about a disease that might frequently be unknown unless we dive deeper into the patient’s story,” Kevin said.

“This program has been especially poignant for me as many members of my family are afflicted with chronic pain. Chronic pain, as described by Gaetana Kopchinsky, adjunct professor of medical and health humanities, is the silent epidemic. My thesis centers on the aspects of chronic pain and the narratives of patients who are many times not heard. I am researching some of the inequities in pain treatment and the commonalities of those who are afflicted with chronic pain.”

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Now that I've graduated from the Arts & Letters program, I have connected with key members within the scholarly community surrounding my dissertation subject. I owe this to the scholarly transformation I experienced at Drew. I am now an authority of my subject and a part of a global conversation.”
—Andrew Clapham G'17, English Teacher, Seton Hall Preparatory School

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