Semester on Communications & Media


Communications & Media

This 8-credit program is offered every fall semester. Classes begin mid-August and end in mid-December. Students will travel to New York City for classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Applications are due by March 10.

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Take the train from Drew University in Madison to the media and communications capital of the world! In this course, you will spend two days a week traveling to New York City to study the home of an astonishingly wide array of U.S. and international broadcasting, cable, advertising, public relations, publishing, music, film, and digital media companies. This semester, go beyond the classroom and experience the intricate web that makes up communication and media in the real world.


Take a critical look at the operations of New York City’s media and communications industry, examining the making of - and meaning behind - the messages, while discussing the ethical and moral issues at play. Develop your own understanding of the role of media and communications within American culture, as well as an appreciation for topics and controversies affecting New York’s media and communications sector. How do humans use media and communications? How can we rethink ways to better use these tools to our advantage?


From TriBeCa to the Upper East Side, explore firms of every size that disseminate the ideas, information, and stories that shape our culture and collective psyche, craft the messages that establish the identities of companies, organizations, products, and political candidates around the globe, and develop the new technologies that are changing the way we communicate.


Connect from Drew University to the media hub that is New York City, learning from professors and professionals who work in the interconnected world of communications, public relations, advertising, and media. Connect with the places where meaning is created, stories conveyed, and information consumed.