International Ambassador Program.


International Ambassador Program

International Ambassadors at Drew University

The mission of this program is to create a collaboration between domestic and international students through leadership and practice. In essence, International Ambassadors for INTO Drew University will have the chance to engage with new international students through meaningful programs, workshops, and New Student Orientation, and become student leaders for a diverse community of learners.

The International Ambassadors will participate in a variety of ways through the Office of Student Experience with INTO Drew, such as: being members of the Conversation Partners Program, leading events sponsored by INTO Drew, participating in the Global Village Learning Community with Residence Life, acting as the liaison between INTO Drew and the larger Drew community, and finally, assisting our Marketing and Recruitment Manager with INTO’s signature “familiarization trips,” which brings education counselors from around the world to learn about Drew and all the wonderful academic and student life the campus has to offer. Alongside these wide arrays of programs, the International Ambassadors will be the mentors for new and current international students to help them feel at home in the forest!

Spring 2019 International Ambassadors

Viggy Gao C’23

Major: Economics & Mathematics

Country: China

Favorite Food: Salad

Andrew Santana C’24

Major: Biology and Chemistry; Minor: Neuroscience

Country: United States of America


Lila Bachere  C’22

Major: International Relations

Country: France

Favorite Food: Vegetarian

Christina Beviano C’22

Major: International Relations

Country: United States of America

Favorite Food: Sushi

Karni Dechoian C’23

Major: Biochemistry; Minor: French

Country: Syria


Jinhin Liu C’22

Major: Biology

Country: China


Talha Siddiqui C’22

Major: Business

Country: Canada & Pakistan


Alexandra Edwing C’23

Major: Undecided (leaning towards French and Political Science)

Country: United States of America

Favorite Food: Tofu, chocolate, gummy worms, ice cream

Jose Cevallos C’22

Major: Biology

Country: Peruvian

Favorite Food: Alfredo Pasta

Feride Masaci C’21

Major: Chemistry and Art

Country: Turkey

Favorite Food: French Fries

Pavlo Goloyadov  C’23

Major: Business

Country: Ukraine

Favorite Food: Borscht

Peanut Edmonson C’24

Major: Chemistry (Pre-Med)

Country: United States of America

Favorite Food: Seafood

Mehek Agrawal C’22

Major: Biology and Art; Minor: Film Studies

Country: India

Favorite Food: Samosas

Eliana Goncalves C’23

Major: Psychology

Country: Mozambique

Favorite Food: Fried Rice

Honglin Yu (Ian)  C’22

Major: Biochemistry; Minor: German

Country: China

Favorite Food: Ramen

Kyle Boateng C’23

Major: Business; Minor: Photography

Country: Ghana

Favorite Food: Jollof

Jackson Lydon C’24

Major: Undecided (leaning towards Psychology or Political Science)

Country: United States of America

Favorite Food: Chicken Parmesan

Vitoria Mendes R Gasparini  C’23

Major: Business

Country: Brazil

Favorite Food: Picanha (Brazilian steak) and pasta

Brittany Boetticher C’23

Major: Sociology; Minor: International Relations, Women and Gender Studies

Country: United States of America

Favorite Food: Grilled cheese

Gabrielle Caparruva C’24

Major: Undecided

Country: United States of America

Favorite Food: Pasta

Christopher Murage C’24

Major: Theatre Arts

Country: Kenya

Favorite Food: Ugly with fried fish fillet in tomato sauce

Amira Hadri C’24

Major: Economics & Psychology; Minor: Data Science

Country: Malaysia

Favorite Food: Rendang