Big experiences lead to bold futures.

Immersive New York and London semesters. Sports and fitness. Supportive mentors. Arts and culture. Visiting speakers. Internships and research experiences that get you noticed. A vibrant campus in a prime location.

Get ready for adventure — and a world of opportunity. Experiences are what make Drew. They’re also what build up your knowledge and shape you into someone who’s ready for whatever comes next. You’ll leave here with at least two standout experiences under your belt. Spend a semester in New York or London. Intern with the National Park Service. Develop the next great antifungal drug. Support local after-school programs as part of Community-Based Learning classes. Go beyond the classroom, embark on an adventure, deepen your understanding — this is where you build the practical skills that prepare you for big things later.

City Semesters

Experience career-boosting opportunities at the global center of culture and commerce. Connect with leading innovators, thought shapers, and world shakers in your field. Electrify your future with world-class insight and resume-revving activities.

New York

It’s a quick walk to the train station from the Drew campus, and in less than an hour, you’re in the heart of Manhattan–a global hub literally teeming with opportunities for supercharging your studies and your success. Spend two days a week in the city, in classes taught on site by faculty experts and industry leaders.

    • COMMUNICATIONS AND MEDIA – Meet the Madison Avenue message makers: publishers, broadcasters, advertisers, filmmakers, digital media creators, and more.
    • CONTEMPORARY ART – Discuss business and creativity with gallery owners, museum curators, and working artists.
    • MUSEUMS AND CULTURAL MANAGEMENT – Go behind the scenes with professionals at the Museum of Modern Art, The Met, the 9/11 Memorial, and more, to sample the many culture-centric careers.
    • SOCIAL IMPACT – Speak with and work alongside social change organizations that address issues such as inequality, poverty, conflict, the environment, and human rights.
    • THEATRE – Collaborate with a major NYC professional theater company to produce and perform an original performance piece.
    • UNITED NATIONS – Have a front-row seat to the realities of international relations and global politics.
    • WALL STREET – Learn from investment bankers, brokers, and economists in the Financial District.



Live, study—and even work!—in London. Navigate British life (from your flat to the pub to the Tube) and complete 16 credits across a wide selection of courses and internships.