Whether it’s through one of our 19 Dual-Degree programs, out in the world beyond The Forest, or in Drew’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, more and more of our students are choosing to attend graduate school after receiving their undergraduate degrees.

We know this, and we want you to be prepared.

Elite Grad School Placements

At Drew, our students are able to explore and discover their passions and get hands-on learning and research experience in the fields that fascinate them. All throughout, our faculty and staff mentors help guide and advise students to be accepted to and prepared for the graduate school programs of their dreams.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from students who lived it!

Dual-Degree Programs

Drew has academic partnerships with schools like Columbia, Duke, NYU, and Washington University in St. Louis in fields like business management, cybersecurity, engineering, law, medicine, and software engineering.

No matter your interests, our Dual-Degree programs double your resources, save you time, and lower your financial investment in your education.

Our Programs

Cybersecurity – Engineering at Columbia – Engineering at Washington – Environmental Management – Forestry – Law –  Medicine – Nursing – Nutrition – Public Health — Software EngineeringTeaching 

But wait! We just added six more in partnership with Drew’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies and Drew Theological School, starting this year:

Data Science – Finance – Medical Humanities, Health, and Society – Religion – Theology and Ministry – Master of Divinity


Caspersen School of Graduate Studies

Love the professors who guided you through your undergraduate experience? Intrigued by the growing list of advanced degree options offered? Can’t stand the thought of leaving The Forest just yet? Drew’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies sounds like the perfect choice!

Read what some of our undergrad-turned-grad students had to say about why they chose to stay at Drew for graduate school:

“If I planned on attending graduate school, I knew it had to be here.”
Tanner Euston C’19, G’23

“It provided me an opportunity to get a higher education degree at a school I was already accustomed to. It also helps set me apart in the competitive and demanding job market.”
Cole Bosch C’21, G’22

“It was a no brainer. The relationships and experiences I made as an undergrad made Drew feel like home, and the fact I could do an accelerated one-year program solidified my decision.”
Nick Caicedo C’20, G’21

“If it weren’t for Drew’s explorative environment where you are encouraged to take classes outside of your primary area of study, I don’t know that I would be pursuing a Master of Science in Data Analytics.”
Lisa Stites C’21, G’23