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Founded in 1992, the Center for Holocaust/Genocide Study at Drew University is an active advocate for research and discussion around issues related to the Holocaust and genocide. The collections included below represent the research materials that have been collected by or donated to the Center.

The material found within these collections ranges from academic publications on the Holocaust to survivor testimony to Nazi material culture (including uniforms and ephemera). There is also a large amount of visual, verbal, and written evidence of the atrocities that occurred in Europe during World War II. Within the boxes and folders that house the Drew University Center for Holocaust/Genocide Study Collections are stories of horror and sadness, but there are also stories of heroism, strength, and triumph. These include testimony from Holocaust survivors, stories of rescuers who put their lives on the line to save their fellow citizens, and tales of liberation from the most dire of situations. The collections show that while there is certainly madness, anger, and cruelty in the world, it can be overcome by the goodness, faith, and strength of humanity at its best.

Andrew Liput Collection

This collection includes Nazi material culture (clothing, paraphernalia, and ephemera) from the Second World War It also contains books, periodicals, manuscripts, correspondence, reports, and other materials related to the atrocities of the Holocaust. This includes items related to the Nuremberg trials and interrogations of Nazi suspects after the war.

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Angela West Collection

Dr. Angela West earned her Ph.D. in History and Culture from Drew University Caspersen School of Graduate Studies and serves as the Coordinator for the Drew University Center for Holocaust/Genocide Study. In the process of obtaining her Ph.D., she acquired the materials in this collection relating to the Germany-American/American-Nazi Bund to use in her research and in the classroom.

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Carol Rosen Collection

Material in this collection includes artwork by Carol Rosen, a New Jersey artist who worked on representations of the Holocaust. In addition, the collection features a DVD of Rosen discussing her work and its meaning during a museum exhibition.

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Imre Farkass Collection

The materials in this collection reflect the rescue and resistance efforts of Imre Farkass to save persecuted peoples during the Holocaust. Farkass was involved in anti-Nazi activities while living in Budapest and helped rescue dozens of Jewish people and aided in their escape from the Nazis. Scrapbooks, photo albums, and certificates of honor are included in the collection.

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Laurence Fuhro Collection

Laurence Fuhro was a social studies teacher in New Jersey who taught about the history of World War II and the Holocaust. The material in this collection is that which he used in the classroom to teach his students.

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Moments in Time Collection

This collection features materials related to a series of writing workshops hosted by the Center for Holocaust/Genocide Study.

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Nuernberg-Fuerth Survivors Group Collection

Material in this collection is related to an organization of Holocaust survivors from the Nuremburg-Fuerth area and their annual meetings.

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Records of the Center for Holocaust/Genocide Study

This collection includes files, reports, and other materials related to the operations of the Center for Holocaust/Genocide Study at Drew University.

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Victor Wegard Collection

Victor Wegard was a former Captain in the U.S. Army who played an important role in the liberation of the Flossenburg Concentration Camp and as an investigator on the War Crimes Investigation Team following the war. This collection includes correspondence, reports, and other documents related to Mr. Wegard’s work and experiences in Germany.

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Witold Szymanski Collection

Included in this collection are notes, reports, correspondence, and other documents related to Witold Szymanski, a Polish citizen during World War II. The materials document his efforts and actions during the war related to the Holocaust.

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Extraneous Materials

Included among these various items are a Nazi soldier uniform and a copy of a Nazi propaganda photo book from 1939.

Some of the Collections have not been processed and may be unavailable for research. For more information, please contact speccol@drew.edu.

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