A Fresh Look at Drew University’s Center for Career Development

“We want students and alums to have all of the tools they need to navigate their career journeys with confidence”

March 2022 – The Center for Career Development (CCD), complete with a number of fresh faces new to The Forest, has created a space for students and alums to identify and pursue career options and opportunities.

“Prospective students and their parents are really considering a cost/benefit analysis when it comes to college,” said Chris Carbone, director of the CCD. “That analysis often comes down to a student’s post-graduation happiness, preparedness, and success.”

The path to that outcome begins with students engaging with the CCD in the early days of their college experience, to foster collaborative relationships and to co-create plans for their individual development.

“Through one-on-one meetings with specialized career advisors, students build a clearer understanding of their skills, interests, and values,” says Carbone. “We guide them in exploring careers through CCD and campus resources, as well as hands-on learning experiences in the form of internships. Each step along the way involves opportunities for professional development.”

And professional development doesn’t end with the handoff of a Drew University diploma.

The CCD offers continued career services to alums free of charge, including resume and cover letter review for new opportunities, support for career changes and graduate school, and more.

“We don’t just want students to get a degree,” said Carbone. “We want students excited for a fulfilling life post-graduation, and it’s our job to help them get there, regardless of where they are in their Drew journey.”

Helping students and alums define and progress towards their goals starts with new career development events, programs, resources, and a custom tailored approach, with everything aimed at meeting individuals where they are at, and then providing the support to get them where they want to be. 

Last semester, the CCD held an in-person, on-campus student-alum networking event, as well a virtual career fair, where 45 different employers met with more than 150 students and alums. Earlier this semester, the CCD opened the school’s Career Closet, a resource for students in need of professional attire for jobs, internships, or interviews. This summer, the CCD will produce a comprehensive Career Guide resource for students.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to bring real world intel and opportunities to campus for students to explore,” said Carbone. “We want students and alums to have all of the tools they need to navigate their career journeys with confidence, including the security that comes with knowing we are here for them every step of the way.”  

Students and alums interested in connecting with a career development advisor can schedule an appointment directly through Handshake.

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