The Theological School’s ePortfolio program follows students across their careers, and in doing so, empowers them to think deeply about their own education and calling. At the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year, our initiative on “Engaging the Intersections of Technology, Race, and Religion” was announced and students were encouraged to pursue projects related to the theme in any of their classes.

Powered by Digication, these ePortfolios showcase the growth of our students’ theological and social imaginations, which they can carry with them even when they graduate. To celebrate and display students’ creative and reflective learning at the Theological School, an annual ePortfolio Expo is being held.

This year we have a new category, Race and Technology* and we also added a raffled prize for students’ participation.

2022 ePortfolio Expo

We are happy to announce the winners of the Drew Theological School’s Spring 2022 ePortfolio Expo!

Featured Race and Technology Project

Best in Show: Colette Barrow for her Christian Communities and Context project called “The Freedom Church: Mother African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church – A Stop on the Underground Railroad & A Civil Rights Anchor in the Harlem Renaissance.”

Class Projects

Best in Show: Prumeh Lee for Christian Communities and Context project called “Peace Monument of Glendale: Memorial to Remember Comfort Women and Human Rights.”

Runner Up: Susan Mercer for her Chaplaincy Portfolio.

Mentored Portfolio, Early Career Students

Best in Show: Roeline Ramirez for her MDiv Mentored Portfolio.

Runner Up: Susan Mercer for her MDiv Mentored Portfolio.

Mentored Portfolio, Graduating Students

Best in Show: Daniella Hobbs for her MDiv Graduation Portfolio.

Runner Up: Colette Barrow for her MDiv Graduation Portfolio.

Raffled Student Entry

Daekyung Ko’s Identity, Spirituality, and Vocation Class Project.

* The Race and Technology category is sponsored by a Science for Seminaries seed grant from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER) Program. For more information about AAAS DoSER and the Science for Seminaries seed grant, visit www.ScienceforSeminaries.org.

2021 ePortfolio Expo

Graduating Students’ Mentored Portfolio

Best in Show: Alisyn Klock, for her Graduating Mentored Portfolio.

Runner-up: Brandon Dunkley, for his Graduating Mentored Portfolio.

Early Career Students’ Mentored Portfolio

Best in Show: Bonnie Chiappetta, for her Mentored Portfolio.

Runner-up: Chinma Uche, for her Mentored Portfolio.

Class Project Portfolios

Best in Show: Brandon Dunkley, for his “New Testament Narratives” project entitled: “Fire Fighters: Pentecost Vlog Series”

Runner-up: Chinma Uche, for her “Christian Communities in Context” project on Prudence Crandall and her statue in Hartford, Connecticut.

General Portfolios

Best in Show: Prumeh Lee, reflecting on the course “Identity, Spirituality and Vocation”

Runner-up: Stephanose Melaku, reflecting on the course “Global Faiths and the Earth”