In order to advance in the program, doctoral students at Drew must satisfy the language requirement instituted by their Area of Study. The Office of Graduate Academic Services administers examinations on Drew’s campus four times each year (normally in August, October, January, and March). A fee of $50 is charged, due with registration, at least four weeks before the scheduled date of the examination and is not refundable for cancelations or no-shows except by petition to the Director of Doctoral Studies pleading special circumstances. Students may prepare for these examinations on their own, by working with a language tutor or by taking classes elsewhere.

Courses completed at the Princeton University Graduate School Summer Language Program, the CUNY Graduate Center Language Reading Program, the  Summer Language Program at Harvard Divinity School (and others as assessed by the Director of Doctoral Studies) will be accepted as demonstration of a scholar’s reading competence in lieu of the examinations administered by Drew, so long as a grade of B or higher is earned. This certification should come directly to the Office of Graduate Academic Services from the certifying institution. Students may petition their Area and the Graduate Academic Standing Committee for acceptance of certification from similar programs. On-line courses taken through the Erasmus Academy NY may also be accepted in many cases, providing that an Honor Statement has been signed and filed with the Office of Graduate Academic Services and that the Drew language graders verify that the translation examinations submitted to the Erasmus Academy instructors meet Drew’s standards.