Congratulations on receiving special recognition through one of Drew’s named funds!

Please fill out this survey if you have received an internship, scholarship, prize, fellowship or any other type of named fund award. The Office of Donor Relations and Stewardship will share your responses with the generous donors for your award. These student profiles go a long way in helping to thank our donors, as most donors enjoy learning more about the students they are supporting.

After you submit your profile, the Office of Donor Relations and Stewardship may reach out to you to ask for a short handwritten note of thanks to supplement the profile, or for more information about specific programs you are involved in. Thank you for helping us thank our generous donors. If you have any questions about the student profile or the thanking process please email stewardship@drew.edu or call 973-408-3067.

We are here to help you through the admissions process, including answering all of your questions, arranging a campus visit, and helping you apply for financial aid. We’re in this together.

Student Award Profile 2024

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Sample Statement #1:
“I am very excited about this fellowship mostly because it makes me feel that I did the right thing in choosing to study physics. I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do in college. At first, it didn't occur to me to do physics because it is just too fun! It is also easy to feel like you're not cut out for it when you're talking to so many brilliant people all the time. But getting the Big Red set of lectures felt like getting my first bike. I hope to be a good scientist one day and a good person too, like my donor. I’ve never met him, but he seems to be quite a role model for people everywhere and especially in science. I hope I can live my life in that way also.”

Sample Statement #2:
“I have received this award for the past two years. This scholarship is dedicated to providing students with financial resources to further their education. It has not only allowed me to attend Drew University, but also empowered me to continue representing my community to the best of my ability. For my documentary class, I am making a documentary about Asian American identity and how they reconcile the radically different cultures. It is amazing to be financially supported and encouraged to create content that represents by identity. This scholarship is one of the few reasons why I can afford a higher education, and for that, I thank you.”

Sample Statement #3:
“Having a successful career in the arts gets more and more difficult as time goes on. To be recognized with the Vincent and Genovina Porcelli Scholarship in Theatre Arts implies that people see my work and think I have the potential to flourish and succeed, which I find extremely meaningful. I extend my purest thanks to whoever decided to award me this scholarship, and to the donors who established this fund to recognize young artists.”


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