We hope to support the redevelopment of Pan-African Studies as a program and major including the offering of Pan African courses at Drew University. We are concerned about providing support to Drew University in its search for a director and additional faculty for the Pan-Af program. We hope to contribute support and collaboration to the Pan-African Studies faculty and department.


We want to connect and support current Black students and the broader student community at Drew. Our goals include being a resource to Black Students and other students at Drew by providing opportunities and events that will nurture the development and growth of Drew Students through career advice, mentorship and connection with Black Alumni. We are in the process of building a mentorship program that will provide academic and professional support to current Black students at Drew. We hope to strategize fundraising methods to mitigate and meet some of the financial needs of Black students at Drew (i.e. scholarships, book funding, supporting study abroad etc.) Additionally we hope to strategize and design other programmatic and event opportunities to support the broader Drew community through collaboration with existing groups, offices and departments at Drew.


Our goal is to design and implement a calendar of events and programming for the BAA through the fall of 2020 and calendar year 2021.