Drew Student Art Takes Over Korn Gallery

Paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures fill the room

December 2019 – Drew University art students closed out the fall 2019 semester with their works on display in the Korn Gallery.

Olivia Yepez C’22 attended the Student Show on opening night and reflected on the experience.

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Photo: Morgan Alley C'22

Despite having been a student at Drew for nearly a year and a half, I’d never been to the Korn Gallery. In the back of my mind, I vaguely remembered passing through it as a high school senior on my campus tour, and as a double major in both Media & Communications and Spanish, a trip to Drew’s art hub hasn’t been part of my academic schedule.

The perfect opportunity to check out the Korn Gallery came last Friday night: the opening of the Student Art Showcase. Not quite knowing what to expect, I bundled up in my winter coat and made the trek across campus from my dorm to the DoYo.

When I arrived it was already full of students, staff and even some parents, all marveling at the work created by students in Drew’s art classes this semester. I was impressed with the diversity of pieces hanging on the walls or displayed on pedestals around the room.

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Morgan Alley C'22
Photo: Morgan Alley C'22

Though the works were obviously the results of assigned subjects, including a section of self-portraits, the variance in the ways that the students executed their assignments and the attention to detail in each piece amazed me.

Each time I looked around the room, something new caught my eye. I took several laps around the gallery just to take everything in.

While the classes for my degrees might not take me to the DoYo much next semester, I will definitely make it a point to see more art shows at the Korn Gallery in the future. It was great to be exposed to the skillful artwork of Drew’s student body.

—Olivia Yepez C’22

The Student Show runs through Friday, December 13. The Korn Gallery is open Tuesday through Friday, 12:30 to 4 p.m.

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