Day of Scholars 2021

Drew University’s annual Day of Scholars event took place on Friday, April 16 from 3-5 p.m.

This virtual, interactive event featured Drew University students delivering research presentations, musical performances and poetry readings before answering viewer questions.

This year’s event included a combination of live and recorded presentations, as well as an online gallery of Senior Studio student work, a yearlong, advanced-level studio art course.

Live Event Schedule

3 p.m. | Welcome/Instructions


3:10 p.m. | Regina Sarquis and Nohemy Zabala, Building Bridges/Construyendo Puentes 

Contact: rsarquis@drew.edunzabala@drew.edu

3:20 p.m. | Karishma Patel, Modeling, Manipulating, and Measuring Neurexins in Caenorhabditis elegans\

Contact: kpatel8@drew.edu

3:30 p.m. | Cassandra Fontanez, Igloo”

Contact: cfontanez@drew.edu


3:40 p.m. | Sydney QuinnSenior Creative Writing Portfolio |

Contact: squinn@drew.edu

3:50 p.m. | Jasmin Casiano, Loren Donnely, & Alyssa Sileo, My Role in Monstress

Contact: jcasiano@drew.eduldonnelly@drew.edu, asileo@drew.edu


4 p.m. | Lisa Stites, California’s Wildfire Problem: The Neglected Role of Class and Housing

Contact: lstites@drew.edu

4:10 p.m. | Julia Kenner, “Boys masturbate, girls menstruate”: Reframing and Reforming Sex Education in America

Contact: jkenner@drew.edu

4:20 p.m. | Rebecca Schuman, The Case for Linking Causes: Why Animal Rights are an Environmental Issue

Contact: rschuman@drew.edu


4:30 p.m. | Arman Sawhney, Investigating Intrinsic Immune Functions of IFI16 and IFIX

Contact: asawhney@drew.edu

4:40 p.m. | Kelly Maegerlein, Investigating the neuroprotection of RD100, a potential group III mGluR positive modulator, in a primary rat cortical FAB/NMDA model of Alzheimer’s disease

Contact: kmaegerlein1@drew.edu

4:50 p.m. | Daniel Kellaway, Divisibility, Discrete Logarithms, and Cyclotomic Polynomials

Contact: dkellaway@drew.edu

5 p.m. | Thank You & Closing

PERFORMANCES (pre-recorded)

Jack Andrus, “Mellow Flame”

Contact: jandrus@drew.edu

Micah Rivas, Mediations of a Dominicana

Contact: mrivas1@drew.edu

Riya Soyantar, On Cauliflowers and Other Matters of Importance

Contact: rsoyantar@drew.edu


Brett Cheadle, Analyzing Community-based and Centralized Approaches to Natural Disaster Management

Contact: bcheadle@drew.edu

Erin Feith, Nursing the Hangover: The Response of the Methodist Church to the Repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment (1934-1950) 

Contact: efeith@drew.edu

Emma MacAfee and Diana Karamourtopoulos, Drew Student Voter Project

Contact: emacafee@drew.edudkaramourtopoul@drew.edu

Annalisa Manabat, 1960-1981: Horror Films and The Women’s Liberation Movement

Contact: amanabat@drew.edu

Ryan Strauss, The Anglo-American Special Relationship: Antiquity or Destiny?

Contact: rstrauss@drew.edu


Gabriel Dutra, Auto-generated study guides: Correlating similar topics in different subjects

Contact: gdutra@drew.edu

Sydney Everhart, Exploring Indole-Mediated Persister Bacteria Formation

Contact: severhart@drew.edu

Katelynn Fleming, Searching for New Physics with the Biggest Particle Accelerator in the World: the Large Hadron Collider at CERN

Contact: kfleming2@drew.edu

Hannah Primiano, Phytoplankton Patterns at the Subantarctic Front in the Southern Indian and Pacific Oceans

Contact: hprimiano@drew.edu

Elena St. Amour, Analysis of the Safety of Seaplanes and Amphibious Aircraft

Contact: estamour@drew.edu

Robert Sutter, Role of chromatin structure in immune sensing of DNA

Contact: rsutter@drew.edu

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