Drew University’s Master of Education Program Offers Flexible Online Class Options

Three Caspersen School of Graduate Studies students share their experiences

February 2022 – The Master of Education (MEd) Program at Drew University’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies features a flexible curriculum that allows students to tailor their coursework to build interdisciplinary skills and explore their interests.

To build on this flexibility, many courses are offered online and hybrid (online and in-person) to allow for a full range of options for busy students.

“Teachers have a lot of responsibilities, both inside the classroom and outside of school,” said Kristen Turner, program director and professor of teacher education. “By offering online options, we hope to expand access to educators who want to continue their professional learning while still managing their extracurricular and family obligations.”

“Our online and blended courses offer opportunities for teachers to meet synchronously, allowing for ongoing conversations about teaching and learning, as well as to learn asynchronously on their own schedules.”

We spoke with three MEd candidates who discussed the benefits of earning their degrees using the online and hybrid options offered by Drew.

Jaime Calabrese G’22

Why did you opt for an online/hybrid learning model at Drew?
The online and hybrid learning model offered by Caspersen was one of the many appealing reasons why I chose to study at Drew. As a full-time elementary school teacher in New Jersey, I decided to pursue my MEd in the midst of the pandemic. It was essential for me to find a program with this specific learning model, which allowed me to simultaneously be actively engaged in both my studies and my career. Whether my courses were hybrid or fully remote, I felt welcomed into the Drew community.

How have you benefited from the flexibility afforded by the online options at Drew?
I have benefited from the flexibility of the online learning option at Drew in numerous ways. The online learning environment allowed me to engage and participate in my courses from any location, which prevented the stresses of commuting to campus. The online courses also provided flexibility through synchronous and asynchronous course work which provided me with the opportunity to fully engage in my studies while balancing my career and personal commitments. Lastly, in the online learning option, I was able to foster meaningful connections between my professors and peers that allowed for my educational and personal growth.

Alyssa Gossett G’23

Why did you opt for an online/hybrid learning model at Drew?
As a first-year teacher starting in the middle of the school year, I loved how Drew offered the options for online or hybrid learning. The MEd program allows me to further my education while working a full-time job. As someone who benefits from learning in the classroom setting as well, I love having that hybrid option to allow me to learn from anywhere.

How have you benefited from the flexibility afforded by the online options at Drew?
The online and hybrid options at Drew have allowed me to decide whether I want to join class on campus or remotely. Initially, I was nervous about how I was going to balance my college work and my first full-time job as an educator. However, Drew’s hybrid/online courses have created a stress-free learning environment. Along with the courses, the professors are all so welcoming and flexible with all students in the class. Whether I attend a course in the classroom or on Zoom, I am still able to learn effectively and interact with my peers. The course I am currently taking is hybrid and being able to learn in the class while seeing my peers on Zoom has been awesome. It is nice to still interact with the class no matter where the course is taken from. I am excited to continue my education at Drew University!

Lauren Ventresca G’23

Why did you opt for an online/hybrid learning model at Drew?
After completing four years at Elon University in person, I still wanted to learn more. However, being a full time English Language Learning (ELL) teacher and tutoring after school, it was hard to imagine going back to school. Drew offers a fully online program, giving me the flexibility I need. I love being able to be online and Zoom into my small classes with other students.

How have you benefited from the flexibility afforded by the online options at Drew?
With the flexibility of online classes, I feel that I can teach and be a student at the same time successfully. I have more time to regroup after a long day at work in order to then be a student online at Drew. I want what is best for my ELL students and Drew’s flexibility is helping me achieve my goals.


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