Drew University Professor Has Photographs Displayed at Grand Central Station

Selections from Rory Mulligan’s collection are part of the world’s largest public art program

November 2023 – Drew University Assistant Teaching Professor of Art Rory Mulligan has been selected to have his photographs featured at Grand Central Station in New York City as part of the MTA Arts & Design Photography Program.

The program is the world’s largest public art institution and features original artworks in train and subway stations in all five New York boroughs.


Mulligan's work at Grand Central Station

Work from Mulligan’s collection Auguries will be on display starting October 20 and appear for the following nine months.

Mulligan began his project during the height of the pandemic in his own backyard where he constructed fabric backgrounds to use as a stage for photographing local birds that would happen upon the setup.

“This is the first body of work I’ve made utilizing both digital and color photography, so knowing that my work has evolved and an audience has come along with me is extremely gratifying,” said Mulligan.

“I’ve never exhibited my work in such a public-facing venue; I love that it is being seen outside of an ‘art world only’ context to such a broad swath of people.”

For Mulligan, the location of the project has a personal and professional connection.

“I’ve lived off of all three Metro North lines, so Grand Central has been a significant destination throughout my entire life,” he said.

“Because Drew is so close to New York City, I take my photography students on a field trip every semester, so I’m really looking forward to bringing them to see the work. There is so much to see—and for free—right outside our doors at Drew.”

The exhibit is also a chance for Mulligan to connect with students and show them the opportunities in the field.

“The more students see me and my colleagues working and creating in our fields, the more confident they feel in their education. What is so special about Drew is the relationships between professors and students. This is an opportunity for students to get to know me better as a person and artist and will be a very useful teaching tool for describing a process and potential end result.”

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