Emilio Cordova C’90, P’21 Endows the Dr. Alan M. Rosan Chemistry Fund

Honoring the beloved Professor Emeritus of Chemistry 

June 2024 – For Dr. Emilio Cordova C’90, P’21, Drew University is much more than a liberal arts university in The Forest; it is a place that changed the course of his life. 

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Dr. Emilio Cordova C’90, P’21 with Dr. Alan M. Rosan

His trajectory was greatly influenced by his advisor and mentor, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry Dr. Alan M. Rosan.

Cordova graduated as a first-generation student from Drew with a major in chemistry and a minor in Spanish. After Drew, he proceeded to earn his PhD at The University of Miami, was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University, and completed his MBA at Purdue University. 

“Dr. Rosan’s role as an advisor and mentor didn’t end for me after graduation,” said Cordova. “He was a critical player in my decision to continue my education post Drew. His guidance helped steer me within my post-graduate options, which was crucial at the time.”

Cordova recalled Rosan’s patience and guidance as he helped him explore his future opportunities. “Dr. Rosan’s goal is to help students fulfill their dreams,” he said.

Rosan’s legacy at Drew University is marked by his profound influence on students and his lasting contributions to the academic community. He was a dedicated professor at Drew for over 30 years, teaching courses that ranged from first-year seminars to advanced organic chemistry. At all levels, he encouraged students to think critically about the chemistry of life and its broader impact. To honor Rosan’s commitment to education, Cordova has endowed the Dr. Alan M. Rosan Chemistry Fund, which supports the salary expenses of current full-time and adjunct faculty in the Chemistry Department.

“Professor Rosan inspired countless students in his more than 30 years at Drew,” said Dean of Arts & Sciences Ryan Hinrichs. “It is very fitting that the Dr. Alan M. Rosan Chemistry Fund will help ensure that Drew’s chemistry faculty can continue to inspire students for years to come.”

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The Cordova family

“This was the right time to give back to Drew and the Chemistry Department, while also recognizing the profound impact that Dr. Rosan made in my personal and professional life, as well as on the lives of many others,” said Cordova. 

Cordova’s generous philanthropy to Drew has evolved in recent years. The Dr. Alan M. Rosan Chemistry Fund is the Cordova family’s fourth endowed fund. They have also established the Cordova Family Minority Scholarship in the Sciences, the Otto P. Cordova P’90, GP’21 Scholarship, and the Adriana Cordova C’21 Scholarship in the Arts. 

“Philanthropy manifests in many ways, and each individual’s philanthropic path is unique,” said Cordova. “My wife Ileana Cordova P’21 and I considered how we could make a swift and lasting impact not only on the Drew community but also on the broader community, and we believed this approach was the best way to achieve that.

“Drew has given me so much,” said Cordova. “It was a place where I could advance my education and experience diverse perspectives. Drew not only met my aspirations in the sciences but also nurtured my passion for the liberal arts.” 

Cordova’s daughter, Adriana Weisdorfer C’21, is also a Drew alum. She double majored in art history and Spanish and minored in museum studies and cultural management. “What I appreciate about my daughter attending Drew is that she selected it to pursue her own interests,” he said. “This is why Drew is so amazing. From a comprehensive perspective, Drew is able to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of any individual.”

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