Putting Theory Into Practice

Drew offers numerous on-campus opportunities for business majors to help link classroom learning with the realities of business and financial life.

The Wall Street Program
Students spend two days each week in New York City during this semester-long immersion in the financial markets. Mornings are spent in classes, led by corporate executives, government officials, economists and others, about the structural, historical and theoretical aspects of financial markets. Afternoons include travel to financial organizations throughout the city, ranging from the New York Stock Exchange (where students are linked with floor traders during trading hours) and Morgan Stanley, to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Moody’s Investors Services. Graduates of the program have gone on to land jobs at JP Morgan Chase, the SEC, Goldman Sachs, and UBS, among many other leading firms and agencies.


Semester on Social Entrepreneurship

Students meet twice a week in New York City to study a range of non- and for profit institutions with a social mission. The program combines classroom learning with field trips, skills workshops, and a hands-on group project with an actual non-profit organization. The field trips include visits to arts institutions, cooperatives, rights as well as international development and relief organizations, religious institutions, research and policy institutes and foundations, among others. The skills workshops may tackle such diverse topics as how to design a mission statement, fundraising strategies, project implementation, cost benefit analysis, and steps for building an advocacy campaign. The main philosophical questions tackled in the course is an examination of whether and how non-profits are feeling pressure to become more entrepreneurial while at the same time for-profit firms are feeling pressure to behave more socially responsibly.


International Programs

Drew offers short-term international programs which bring to life topics covered throughout their life in college. For example, business students last year participated in a spring break trip to London, titled European Financial Markets in a Post-EU World, during which they met with experts and alumni at British and global financial firms and institutions. Other short-term programs have travelled to Dublin, Tokyo, Casablanca, Brussels, and Milan. This coming year, a 10-day trip to Switzerland will allow students to explore banking and marketing in Europe.