The Drew University Business department seeks to instill in its students a holistic understanding of the economy and the disciplines of economics and business. Our students learn to think critically, analytically, and empirically about the economy, its challenges, and its connections to the rest of society.

Academic Offerings


The accounting program takes a rigorous, integrated, analytic, and critical approach to the study and practice of accounting. The curriculum gives students the tools and skills to analyze domestic and global organizations’ financial health.  We stress the importance of data-informed decisions and ethical considerations across the accounting field.  Our majors graduate prepared to work in a variety of accounting roles across public and private industries, while helping interested students prepare for the CPA exam and a career as a certified accountant.



The Business major takes an integrated, multifaceted, interdisciplinary, and critical approach to the study and practice of business. The program emphasizes teamwork; critical analysis; and quantitative, oral, and written communication skills.  Our graduates are prepared to work across many industries in diverse contexts, including corporations, non-profits, and public organizations, in both domestic and international settings, with others from different cultures and disciplinary perspectives.



The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Finance major is designed to appeal to students wanting to immerse themselves in financial markets and data analysis.  Our rigorous and exciting curriculum engages our students through real-world exposure to U.S. and global markets, and prepares our graduates for success in careers throughout the financial industry.



The marketing major is a liberal arts program that takes an integrated, multidisciplinary, and critical approach to the study and practice of marketing. The major encompasses courses that emphasize strategic planning, data analysis, communication skills, and teamwork.  We will soon be offering a New York semester in marketing that gives our students the opportunities to meet with marketing experts and visit leading marketing firms.  Our graduates are prepared to work across many private and public organizations in a wide variety of marketing roles.