Burke Prize in Language and Literature

Every year the College awards the Burke Prize in Language and Literature.

Started in 1975 and endowed in 1990 by Inez Nelbach, the first female Dean of the College, this prize in honor of James B. Burke, trustee emeritus of the University, is awarded to a graduating senior who has majored with distinction in language or literature and who has also demonstrated a high level of competence in classical studies.


2009 Brady Eskilson, Classics
2008 Maria Eliades, English with Classics minor
2006 Ewa Nowak, English & Philosophy with Classics minor
2005 Nicholas Pietropaolo, English with Classics minor
2004 Emily Silman, Classics & English
2003 Nicole Furia, Classics & English
2002 Paige Miller, Classics & English
2001 Jarred Williams, Classics & English
2000 Kimberly Corbette Girard, English
1999 Philip Kendrick Lentz, Classics & History
1999 Tyler Patrick Roylance, Classics
1998 Matthew W. Light, Classics & Political Science
1997 Kamaal Haque, Philosophy & German
1996 Marcus Zumwalt, English
1995 Marilyn Gergulas, English
1994 Alan Robisch, Classics
1993 Michael Diase, Classics
1992 Christina Carlson, English
1991 Shilpa Raval, Classics & English
1990 Daniela Giernoth, German
1990 Anthony Infanti, French & Russian
1989 Christopher Taggart, Philosophy & Mathematics
1988 Christopher Trause, Classics & Mathematics
1986 Gregory Katsas, Classics & Behavioral Science
1986 Michael Rosenhaus, Classics
1985 Florence Gambino, Classics & Spanish Language and Culture
1984 Linda Agoston, Philosophy & English
1983 Thomas M. Sharpe, Classics & English
1982 Robin Goellner, Classics
1981 Linda Kordas, Classics
1981 Alan Torrise, Classics & English
1980 Jerome Amerman, Classical Studies
1980 Cheryl Riggleman, Comparative Literature
1979 Matthew Gabrielson Classics & English
1979 Delia Gerace, Classical Studies & Political Science
1978 Maria Teresa, Martinez Spanish Literature
1977 James Korzun, Biblical Languages
1977 Robin Stern, English

For more information on this and other prizes, see the Grants and Scholarships page of the Catalogue.

Thanks to Rebecca Rego Barry of the Library archives, and Jeremy Maisto of the Registrar’s office for research assistance.

Shilpa Raval Memorial Prize

Starting in 2005 the College awards the Shilpa Raval Memorial Prize in Classics.

Established by her family and friends in loving memory of Shilpa Raval (1969-2004), C’91, Ph.D. 1998 (Brown), assistant professor of classics at Yale University and brilliant scholar. Awarded annually to a student who has pursued classical studies with distinction, enthusiasm, and scholarly promise.


2009 Brady Eskilson, Classics
2008 Clay Zemelman, Classics & Economics
2007 Danielle Rucinski,Classics & English
2006 Linsy Ashburn, Classics & Economics
2005 Michael Penyak, Classics

For more information on this and other prizes, see the Grants and Scholarships page.