Contemplative Professional Certificate

Part of the Medical & Health Humanities Program

Drew University’s new Contemplative Professional Certificate is for professionals—in and outside health care—who want to transform caring for others and themselves from a place of joy, inspiration, and reflective knowing. With this program, we serve the growing number of professionals who may be experiencing stress, burn-out, and compassion fatigue by caring for others. Finding new ways to care begins by contemplating the well-being of yourself as a professional and extending your insights to others who are struggling or suffering. The certificate
directly supports your practice and responsibilities and can be attended fully online.
In a community of inquiry of peers and faculty, you will learn how to skillfully care in a way that supports your well-being and relieves the suffering of others. The certificate’s foundation is the health humanities, enriched by theories and practices of mindfulness. You will learn to question wisely and respond from a place of peace and contemplative knowing. Each module connects state-of-the-art theory with your professional practice. At Drew, we value mindful learning and embodied approaches to knowing. You will learn new ways to listen to your clients,
colleagues, and yourself.

12 Credit Certificate Program

• Theory and Practice of Mindfulness (MDHM 783)
• Healing from Within (MDHM 602)
• The Contemplative Professional (MDHM 613)
• Contemplative Inquiry & Leadership (MDHM 704)