Department Events

Faculty Bake-Off

The annual Faculty Bake-off was initiated in the Spring of 2003 with a cooking contest. That event was won by the venerable Jim Mills, since retired, for his “Mustard Mousse.” The contest was moved to the fall semester of that same year and became a bake-off with a dessert focus!

Students judge the anonymous faculty entries and have fun guessing who the cook is for each dish. The payoff is the right to keep the “Big Spoon” in your office for the next year.

Psi Chi Induction Ceremony

The Induction Ceremony for Psi Chi is held each year in April. Students who have joined Psi Chi may invite family and friends to attend the ceremony. In addition to the formal induction, a Drew Alum who has gone on to graduate school is invited to give a talk.


Senior Send-Off

Before psychology majors graduate, we invite them to a celebratory lunch. For the past few years we have had fun asking students to complete a psychology crossword puzzle with clues submitted by faculty that reflect students’ history of experience in the department. We also give awards to a handful of students who have shown exemplary scholarship and leadership in psychology.