The Teaching minor prepares you to enter the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program to become a certified public school teacher in New Jersey. You will apply to the minor after taking EDUC 220: Equity, Justice and Education in the United States. The remainder of the courses count both for the undergraduate degree and the master’s degree as part of the 4+1 Teaching Dual-Degree program. EDUC 502 and 503 fulfill immersive experience requirements.

Students who minor in Teaching should consult with the coordinator of the minor in order to make sure you are meeting New Jersey state requirements in your content preparation. In some cases, you will add a concentration in order to meet content requirements. The Teaching minor does not lead to certification to teach in New Jersey or in any other state. Completion of the MAT program leads to New Jersey certification. If you are interested in earning certification in a state other than New Jersey, we encourage you to meet with the Director of Teacher Education to discuss your goals.