Having one internship or real-world experience on your résumé is good—but having four or five is WOW. At Drew, hands-on experience is a must have, not a nice-to-have. Some opportunities to explore are:

Student Research

In the theatre, our “research” includes working on productions. It is in this process of working on and performing in shows that students can take what they learn in the classroom and test those lessons on stage, just as a scientist tests theories in a laboratory. We believe that the best way to learn theatre is by doing. As such, we have an ambitious program of fully-realized and workshop productions and readings that provide hands-on opportunities for actors, directors, playwrights, designers, dramaturgs, dancers and choreographers, stage managers and theatre technicians.

The Lights Will Inspire You

Cultural Capital

Being less than a 47-minute train ride from New York City means that you can see the best theatre and dance productions in the United States, with access to museums, film festivals and cultural events that allow you to explore old and new aspects of performing arts.

Semester on New York Theatre

You’ll spend one day a week during the fall semester in New York City—the undisputed center of the American theatre world—observing, learning and creating with help from professional company Tectonic Theater Project. In the spring, the ensemble rehearses and produces the show at Drew. Once the curtain closes, you will return with your classmates to the city for panels, tours, shows, and workshops–giving you an inside glimpse into the professional theatre world, along with networking opportunities that can lead to internships and jobs. 


Students can take advantage of numerous internship opportunities in New York City and the tri-state area. Through our Patenaude Internship Program you may even receive financial support for your internship.

Recent internships include:

  • The Public Theatre
  • Lincoln Center
  • The Pearl
  • DreamYard Project
  • The Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • Manhattan Theatre Club
  • The 52nd Street Project
  • Paul Taylor Dance Company
  • The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
  • Papermill Playhouse
  • Writer’s Theatre of New Jersey
  • Bickford Theatre
  • Nimbus Dance Works
  • The Field
  • The National Asian Theatre Company
  • The National Black Theatre
  • The Orchard Project
  • The Broadway League
  • Portland Stage
  • Wendy O’Brien Casting
  • DMG Entertainment, Beverly Hills