The Department of French Studies.


The Department of French Studies

The French program at Drew seeks to provide students with all levels of proficiency in the French language, and to offer them in-depth study of French and Francophone literature and culture.

We have a very diversified curriculum in French and Francophone studies that includes popular culture, cinema, business French and literature ranging from the 17th to the 21st centuries. Our instructors are either native speakers or have lived and studied in French-speaking countries for extended periods.

Conducted entirely in French, our language courses make extensive use of a vast array of multimedia tools that foster intensive student participation. Our culture and literature courses are interdisciplinary and focus both on the French and Francophone worlds. For non-French speakers interested in French studies, we also offer several courses in English (French and Francophone Women Writers and Francophone Literatures in Translation).

Most majors and minors study in France or in a French-speaking country for an interim, a semester, or an entire year. Every year, we lead language program in Paris. We also have an active Francophone Student Association. Its activities include film festivals, lectures and field trips to New York City.

Alumni Spotlight

Folakemi Adenugba

Class of 2015

Having moved to Switzerland at 16 years old, I was already exposed to French culture and I had immersed myself in it for two years. Coming to Drew, I knew that I wanted to major and minor in languages. I took my first French class during my sophomore year and after finishing that class, I knew that I wanted to major in French.

Through several classes I took in the department, I was exposed to the rich history and literatures of the francophone world. In my junior year, I decided to write my honors thesis in French about a subject that was very personal to me, 'La quête identitaire dans l’œuvre romanesque d’Henri Lopes depuis 1990' (directed by Prof. Hess). It was a challenging yet rewarding experience that has made a profound impact in my life.

Now I can watch movies, write essays and a thesis, read magazines, newspapers and books in French with ease. Currently I am back in Switzerland doing my master’s degree at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and I purposely chose to live in a town where English is not spoken frequently so I could further develop my skills. I’m in the process of obtaining my DELF certification at the B2.

This could not have been possible without the dedicated and passionate guidance of Professor Pieretti and Professor Hess, the growth of my confidence as a person and the liberal arts education that Drew gave me. For that I will always be grateful.