Drew University Student Shares Benefits of Teaching Dual-Degree Program

Fredy Soto C’21, G’22 on how the program is preparing him for success in his classroom

January 2022 – Drew University and Drew’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies offers students a Teaching Dual-Degree Program, a popular path for students to earn a bachelor’s and a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree in only five years.

The 4+1 program allows Drew undergraduate students to take four education courses during their junior or senior year and complete the MAT in one year at Caspersen.

We spoke with Fredy Soto C’21, G’22 on his decision to enter the program, and the benefits he continues to uncover as he completes his Dual-Degree in preparation to lead his own classroom.

Why did you enroll in the 4+1 Teaching Dual-Degree Program?
Most Masters programs take two years, but with this Dual-Degree program I am able to save money and time by getting my Masters in one year rather than two. Being a one-year program does bring the intensity to each semester but our advisors do their best to adjust our schedules. I was able to take education classes as an undergraduate, which helped me decide if becoming a teacher was the career I wanted to choose rather than committing completely.

How is Drew preparing you to become an educator?
Drew teaches the most modern teaching strategies available. Students are prepared to adjust our lessons to accommodate the unique differences of every student.

How will your immersive experiences benefit you in your classroom?
I have had the opportunity to gain first hand teaching experience as a student-teacher here at Drew. I have been able to create lessons, grade student work, attend teacher training, work with students to build their transferable skills, and help adjust lessons of my cooperating teacher. The experience, together with constructive feedback from my supervisor and cooperating teacher, will help me build my future classroom and build a rapport with my future students.

Learn more about Drew’s extensive Dual-Degree offering here.


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