Created in fiscal year 2023 by Carrie H. Malanga G’05, the scholarship shall be awarded to a Drew University College of Liberal Arts or Caspersen School of Graduate Studies student with a preference given for a student(s) in good academic standing pursuing Italian studies, which could include as a major or minor, through a study abroad or TREC trip, and/or in a graduate program. The scholarship is created in celebration of Carrie Malanga’s late husband, Gerard.

COCCIA FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS available only to students who major or minor in Italian Studies (Students will be notified about the application forms, usually available in February of each year, for the April 5 deadline): 

  1. STUDY ABROAD: A few scholarships up to $3000 offered each year to students who want to participate in the Orvieto Summer Program and/or Food and Culture Program in Cilento.
  2. ITALIAN STUDIES: A few scholarships up to $3000 offered each  year to students whose mission is to promote and preserve Italian language, history and culture.

Directory of college scholarships available for Italian American students and students of Italian studies.

Other Scholarships:


Drew offers some Italian internships with companies located in the area, like Colavita.

You can also find more information by clicking here.

Site Internship in Italy

The SITE program (Study Intercultural Training Experience) is a paid internship for students of Italian  to serve as English teaching assistants in the schools of Lombardy. This a great opportunity for students who would like to live for 8 months in Italy and experience Italian language and culture or that are interested in becoming teachers.

Requisites: Status as a BA student (Italian major or minor preferred), recently graduated (within the past 18 months at the time of application) or as an MA or PhD student specializing in Italian language and culture. In absence of such preferred requisites, completion of at least three semesters of university level Italian with a minimum of “B” is required.