Click here to download a pdf version of the 2021 NJWGSC program

Welcome – 9:00 am

Panel I — 9:15 am – Moderator: Prof. Jinee Lokaneeta (Drew)

  • Rachel Smith (TCNJ) “’The Internet is for Porn’: A Postmodern Reimagining of Erotic Labor”
  • Nicole Tota (Rowan) “We Should Have Shocked the ‘New Woman’: Mina, Lucy and the New Vampire in ‘Dracula’”
  • Caelum Hamilton (Rider) “Moonlight Metamorphosis”
  • Haylee Vitale (Georgian Court) “La Malinche: From Barbarism to Baptism, Malinche’s Beckoning and Betrayal”
  • Kate DeLong (Rider) “Deciphering History: White Projections of Native American Women in the Pocahontas Myth and in Our Modern American Culture”

Panel II — 9:15 am – Moderator: Prof. Jennifer Olmsted (Drew)

  • Alyssa Sileo (Drew) “Ruined and Women’s Resistance”
  • Marina Ford (Rutgers) “We Believe You: An Introduction to On and Off-Campus Resources for Survivors at Rutgers”
  • Connor Daisy (Brookdale) “Sexual Violence” Pamphlet
  • Jamie Frederickson (ACCC) “Concert across America”

Panel III – 10:45 am – Moderator: Prof. Marie-Pascale Pieretti (Drew)

  • Katerine Blume (NJCU) “The Unexpected Pressures of Girlhood and the Source of Those Pressures”
  • Amanda Molina (Ramapo) “Normalizing the Topic of Menstruation through the #Prideintheperiod Campaign”
  • Jessica Scull (ACCC) “Make-Up and Self Image”
  • Aeryn Gilmore (Rider) “Bridging the Gap: A Proposed Solution for the Underrepresentation of Women in STEM”

Panel IV – 10:45 am – Moderator: Carolina Arango-Vargas (Drew)

  • Julia Lloyd (TCNJ) “Bodies and Bathrooms: No Longer Minding Your Own Business in the Public Sphere”
  • Alex Freeman (Rutgers) “The Transition Regime: Constructing and Policing the Trans-Normative”
  • Sierra Wallace (Rowan) “An Autoethnography: Am I Queer?”
  • Corine Tamayo (Rutgers) “Diasporic Masculinities: Young Filipino-American Men between Immigration and Assimilation”
  • Brittany Houlis (Brookdale) “We Are the Fourth Wave: The Contributions and Effects on the Implementation of Social Media Regarding Fourth Wave Feminism and Modern Society”

Lunch Break – 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Keynote Address – 1:15-2:15 pm
Kimberly Peeler-Allen,
Visiting Practitioner, Center for the American Woman in Politics, Rutgers University
Kimberly Peeler-Allen has been working at the intersection of race, gender and politics for almost 20 years. Kimberly is the Co-founder of Higher Heights, a national organization building the political power and leadership of Black women from the voting booth to elected office.

Panel V – 2:30 pm – Moderator: Prof. Sandra Jamieson (Drew)

  • Allie Fountaine (TCNJ) “Analyses of Contemporary U.S. Welfare Policy: A Materialist Feminist Approach”
  • Nicole Fischer (Georgian Court) “TJMAXX through the Feminist Lens”
  • Katja Zengel, Lina Campos, Nora Anton, Anya Chachkes and Martina Cruz Mora (Drew) “Effects of Immigration on Women”
  • Felicia Russell (Brookdale) “Louisa May Alcott Podcast”

Panel VI — 2:30 pm – Moderator: Prof. Kim Rhodes (Drew)

  • Nicholas Matousch (Stockton) “From Grandmom: The Experience and Significance of Grandmothers in Magical Realism”
  • Alexa Weaver (Stockton) “Frayed”
  • Rhys Ancheta (ACCC) “Explication of ‘my miracle now’”
  • Grace Lobascio (Drew) “Villette and Jane Eyre: An Analysis of Converging Female Gothic Heroines”

Awards Ceremony – 3:45 pm

Instructions for participants
  1. Be sure that you have registered for the colloquium at this link: https://www.drew.edu/womens-gender-studies-department/about-us/njwgsc2021/ (this page) Only after you register will you be on the list to receive the link for all of the conference sessions including the one in which you are presenting.
  2. Please send the following information to Alexia de Fays (adefays@drew.edu) no later than the end of the day Monday, April 5th: Your year in school, your major/minor if relevant. This information is for the moderator’s brief introduction at the beginning of the panel.
  3. The conference schedule is also attached. Please log into the Zoom session at least 10 minutes before the panel begins. The panel moderator and someone from the Instructional Technology Department will be there to make sure that everyone is set up on Zoom to share screens etc.
  4. Your presentation should be no more than 10 minutes. Please rehearse your presentation in advance and plan carefully. Several of the sessions have 5 presenters so it is essential that you stay within your time. The moderator will stop you at 10 minutes.
  5. Before logging in, close all other applications running on your computer. Ideally, restart your computer immediately before you log in for the session to ensure the best connection and stability on Zoom.
  6. Plan to attend other sessions of the colloquium as well as the keynote address and the awards ceremony at the end of the day. It is important that you are a full participant in the colloquium and support other presenters.
  7. If you have questions in advance of the colloquium, email Wendy Kolmar (wkolmar@drew.edu) or Alexia de Fays (adefays@drew.edu) or wgst@drew.edu.

More info on New Jersey Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium: https://njwgsc.pages.tcnj.edu/

For additional info on the event: wgst@drew.edu