Women’s and Gender Studies majors are required to complete an internship. As a field, WGST is deeply informed by the notion that theory and practice must always be interconnected. The required internship is the primary place in the major where you will make connections between classroom learning and work in a specific community or professional site, while also developing job skills, building your resume, and exploring career options.

Recent Internships include:

  • Planned Parenthood of NJ
  • Women in Film and Television, NYC
  • Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, Domestic Violence Unit
  • Title IX Office
  • The Foundation for Living Beauty, Pasadena, CA
  • Lambda Legal Defense Fund, NYC
  • Sadie Nash Leadership Project
  • Target, Human Resources Department
  • Morris County Organization for Hispanic Affairs
  • Jersey Battered Women’s Services
  • Dancing Dreams, NYC
  • Homeless Solutions, Morristown
  • Grow it Green

Research Opportunities

As a WGST major, you will complete at least one major independent research project either an honors thesis or a capstone project. Often, students link these projects to work they do in WGST 310, the theory and methodology course or to their internships. Students work closely with WGST faculty and/or faculty in other fields to develop their project topic and complete their research.

Recent topics include:

  • Mom’s the Word: Constructions of Single Motherhood in 1970s and 1980s Popular Fiction
  • Quantifying “The Fighting Spirit”: Using Feminist Theory to Inform Analyses of Empowerment Self-Defense Training as Sexual Assault Prevention Education
  • Casting The Crisis: Representations of Gay Men’s Identities and Their Gendering in New York’s AIDS Literature
  • The Stephen Archive : Readings of Lesbian and Transgender Embodiment in The Well Of Loneliness
  • Streetwalkers, Women Hunters, and the Shrieking Sisterhood : The Contagious Diseases, Acts and Constructions of Women In Nineteenth-Century Britain
  • My Body, My Choice : Latina Sterilization in the U.S. and Questions Of Choice
  • “Dura Mater” as the “Tough Mother” : Gendered Language in Neuroscience Textbooks
  • The Construction of Masculinity in Post-9/11 Literary Narratives
  • Implementing a Radical Feminist Perspective on Sex Education in the United States
  • ‘A Generation of Men Raised by Women’:  90s Masculinity and violence in Fight Club