Metasites: Lists of Links & Web Resources on Women

Women’s Studies

Feminist Theory

Women’s Studies in Specific Fields or Disciplines


Math and Science



The Arts

Social Sciences

Special Topics & Interdisciplinary Sites

  • The Hunger Site
    An independent site with information on world hunger and strategies for action.

Organizations & Activism

National Organizations

Metasites and Web Resources on Activism

Organizations Focused on Specific Issues

Women’s Health & Body Issues

Reproductive Rights

Environmental Issues

Labor Organizations

Global Feminism  &  Human Rights

(See also “International/Global Women and Feminism” section below.)

International/Global Women & Feminism

Women of Color

Lesbian/Gay, Queer Studies & Resources

News: Pop Culture Politics

  • Feministing
    Ways to take concrete action, connecting them with feminist organizations and grassroots activists
  • The Establishment
  • Everyday Feminism
    Educational platform to help people dismantle everyday violence, discrimination, and marginalization through applied intersectional feminism