The Division of Campus Life and Student Affairs (CLSA)


The Division of Campus Life and Student Affairs (CLSA)

The Division of Campus Life and Student Affairs (CLSA) complements and supports the academic mission of the University by:

  • Offering opportunities for students to develop personal autonomy, positive self perceptions, leadership skills, social responsibility, and a heightened community consciousness of and appreciation for sameness and difference.
  • Providing services that assist each student to reach his or her intellectual and personal potential and educational goals.
  • Fostering and promoting a safe, salutary environment that is inclusive and conducive to learning.
  • Sponsoring and supporting a range of programming that is educational, recreational, and social in nature.

Our Departments

Our division is comprised of various vital departments on campus that assist students with their development during their years at Drew University.

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Counseling & Psychological Services

We offer a broad range of group programs and short-term individual counseling for undergraduate and graduate students. Our purpose is to assist students in their personal, social, and academic development, and the achievement of life goals. Services are provided free to all interested Drew students. Sometimes referrals are made to other, more appropriate, resources either within the university community or outside the university.

Department of Campus Security

Campus Security is responsible for providing an environment that is safe for all members of the Drew community. Every member of the Drew community must share the responsibility for maintaining a safe and secure campus.

Health Services

Drew University Health Service provides accessible, cost-effective, high-quality primary care and health education to our students. We have a board-certified, multidisciplinary staff of physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses who take pride in giving comprehensive care. This, along with our onsite state and federal certified laboratory, ranks Drew among the top college health services in the country.

Religious and Spiritual Life

Religion and spirituality—they’re part of who we are. Drew has roots in the Methodist faith and reaches out to embrace everyone. That means people of all faiths—and those who are agnostic or atheist—have a place here. We worship, celebrate, mark life changes and find common goals engaging in social justice and community service together.

Residence Life

Residence Life provides a residential experience in which students can interact and learn via quality programs and services in the Residence Halls. We promote residential student success by being an extension of the classroom. Our community living encourages critical thinking, development of leadership skills, and exploration of self. We provide students with an inclusive, healthy and welcoming home. We encourage our residents to positively connect to Drew University and become global citizens.

Student Engagement

You’ll be amazed at the exciting activities planned to make you feel right at home! We’re a part of your campus life from the moment you arrive at Summer Orientation to the time you proudly walk the aisle to accept your diploma.


Title IX requires the University to respond and take action to address sex-based discrimination and harassment complaints. This includes sexual misconduct complaints related to sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. As such, the University has established education and prevention efforts, as well as policies and processes for responding to complaints.

The University has designated a Title IX Coordinator and numerous Deputy Title IX Coordinators to coordinate the University’s efforts.