Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration at Drew


Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration at Drew

Drew University’s campus is known for its majestic old oak trees and beautiful natural areas, with fertile forest ecosystems, ponds, and glacial features. Several major initiatives help to preserve and restore ecological integrity to the Drew University Forest Preserve and to the entire campus.

Right on campus, the university’s 45-acre Drew Forest Preserve is a natural laboratory for student research, ecology classes, and ecological restoration.  Trails are open to the public, including a self-guiding nature trail around the ponds of the Zuck Arboretum section.  Natural ecosystems are also being nurtured in the center of campus, with a meadow and ever-expanding conversion of lawn to ferns and other native vegetation during students’ annual “Fern Fest” event.

Directions to the Drew University Forest Preserve’s Zuck Arboretum and Hepburn Woods:

Enter Drew University from Main Street/Madison Ave. at the traffic light entrance, called Lancaster Road, and park in the first lot, the visitor lot, to the right of the guardhouse.  From the visitor lot, just walk south away from Main Street along that entrance road (it curves slightly left and then right into the next parking lot). Continue through (or alongside) this long main parking lot (still going south), with ball fields on your right and campus buildings on your left.  Where the lot ends at the large Forum/Athletic complex, turn right (west) to cross a road and a bit of lawn to reach a short sidewalk that curves around the baseball outfield. Go left on this sidewalk (south) to its end, to where there are woods and deer protection fences on both sides. Both trails begin here. Enter the gate on your right to the Zuck Arboretum area, and the gate on the left to visit Hepburn woods.  The gates are not locked;  just lift the latch. PLEASE close the gates behind you to protect these restored ecosystems and the future forest from deer.  Click here to see an area map of the location on Google Maps, or this older map depicting some of the stops along the walking path.

New Jersey Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award

Drew University was awarded the New Jersey Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award for Healthy Ecosystems for work lead by Sara Web, Professor Emeritus of Biology.