Women’s & Gender Studies Visiting Scholar.


Women’s & Gender Studies Visiting Scholar

About the Visiting Scholars

The Women’s and Gender Studies Visiting Scholar Endowment, founded with Wendy Kolmar’s Presidential Teaching Award and substantially enhanced with a generous gift from Trustee Nancy Schaenen, will bring to campus each year a distinguished scholar in some area of women’s or gender studies scholarship. The scholars will be selected with particular attention to areas not represented on the faculty or in the curriculum.

Campus Visit

Each year, the scholar’s campus visit will include a public lecture, a faculty development workshops, class visits, conversations with students and with faculty recipients of faculty development stipends.

Faculty Development Grant

In conjunction with the scholar’s visit each year, faculty will be offered the opportunity to apply for one of two faculty development stipends of $750. The purpose of these stipends is to encourage faculty to use the opportunity provided by the Scholar’s visit to integrate new perspectives in the curriculum in her/his department or area.

Past Visiting Scholars