Political Science

Drew’s political science major provides students with a solid grounding in American politics, international relations, comparative politics, and political theory. Through thought-provoking courses and multiple experiential learning opportunities, political science majors work closely with the faculty to explore politics and government from many different viewpoints.

Our students participate in a wide range of unique immersive experiences designed to give students the opportunity to make connections beyond the classroom and engage in independent research.   Students interested in international diplomacy and development can participate in our Semester in the United Nations, meeting members of the U.N. Secretariat, the Member states’ delegations, special agencies, or nongovernmental organizations.  Students might also spend a Semester in Washington, D.C. gaining experience in the process of law making and lobbying through direct access to professionals in the field.  Students might take the opportunity to explore how today’s nonprofits and social enterprises inspire change in New York City and across the world in the Social Impact Semester.  Students can also engage in collaborative research with faculty, developing skills and experience with the use of statistical data, publishing their work in the World Politics Data Lab.

Related Programs

Political Science Minor

Political Science is also available as a Minor.

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International Relations Major

The International Relations major provides students an education based on the four major pillars of global politics – international cooperation through international organizations, international war and conflict, the structure of the global economy, and international human rights. Our students ask such crucial questions as, why some countries are rich while others remain poor? Why are war, terrorism and other forms of political violence so common? Where does the concept of human rights come from and how are they protected? How do we promote greater cooperation among countries to solve global problems and promote peace?


International Relations Minor

International Relations is also available as a Minor.


Law, Justice, and Society Minor

As a student in the Law, Justice and Society program, you will become familiar with law in different societies. More importantly, you will learn a holistic way of thinking about the interactions of law, justice and society. This will all serve you well whether you go into law or another field.



Many of our majors are interested in pursuing a law degree after their studies at Drew. Chelsea Ebin (cebin@drew.edu) is currently our Faculty Pre-Law Advisor and he works closely with Gwen DeBenedetto (gdebenedetto@drew.edu) of Drew’s Center for Career Development to help students navigate the law school application process.